A turn afterwards

“We left & come back, the only thing that remains the same is memories & love.”

-©Purva Narang

A few years back, when I had started this blog, it was a sudden decision. A sudden yet very beautiful one.

It has been two years or even more. In between, I’ve done so many things. I started writing at wattpad, an intern in a France based company and signed a book at Dreame, an online writing platform.

But still, the only thing I miss each day is my blog, THE DAILY STROLL. I had started writing & seen the dream of being a writer at this place.

“The worst part is that this is where I got everything; guidance, love, many friends, my first appreciation & the first thing I left is the very same place.”

Honestly, I think to come here regularly, but I usually found something else or never got the strength for the same.

“Starting all over again is very difficult but a little strength can eventually turn the cards.”

-©Purva Narang

A well-drafted post or not, exams or not, but I will write here anything or everything every day.

I have neither forgotten any of you nor I am willing to do in the future.

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Till the next time

Purva Narang

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The Challenge of Change #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

The early morning sun was already risen up. I could feel the wintry cold mist upon my skin.

I bolted down the garden path once again. Each two of my strides were worth at least one of Reyansh who was up to beat my record like his regular routine.

Just the slightest of my effort, I outran him barely breaking a sweat and panting the least. I leaned against the end wall of the garden waiting for him.

“You have cheated again.”, he whined like every day.

” Oh! Yes. And what makes you think that?”, I chuckled while making my way out of the garden.

“You have taken the shorter path, you know.”, he said.

It’s not like we were thirteen, to fight over such small matters. But this is what helps us to keep our childhood memories alive.

This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can.

” So, as you have accepted your defeat, as per the deal concert tickets will be on the loser.”, he said while opening his sipper.

That’s when my his wrist caught my vision and then my eyes automatically moved towards mine.

“No hurry! Let’s decide it with the proof.”, I replied politely.

” As if you are going to measure our steps or running speed”, he joked.

“Actually yes! We can measure our steps and running speed right away. Then we will decide concert tickets upon whom?”, I said while tapping my fingers on the fitness band we both were wearing.

It was so fun to know how this fitness band works as a tracker which continuously sense the movement of the body on a 3 axis accelerometer.

” Buddy maybe it skips recording my few steps.”, he told in the most childish manner.

“Like really? Only you had told me while gifting it that the data keeps on recording all the time we wore it. It traces if we are walking forward, running fast or even standing still.”, I completed while taking the last turn towards our apartment.

” Okay! Okay! Tickets are on me”, he laughed.

I was about to take strides to my apartment door when he hugged me all of a sudden, “Buddy! All the best for your day. Give me the good news soon or direct invitation will also work.”

I shrugged my head to his comment and thanked him.

As I entered my apartment, I saw a floor to ceiling window which faced the main road.

It was open, the stirring air was waking up the stillness with jingles of wall hanging making the curtains of window dance.

The aroma of coffee and toast was seeping up into the air making my legs automatically move towards the kitchen.

The scene was exquisite, mom was pouring the coffee in a mug, and next what she said made me smile.

“Hey, Alexa! What’s the news?”, then she placed her raw vegetables to chop and settled down on the huge mahogany table which took up most of the vast space the room offered.

I still remember how mom usually misses her morning headline show due to household work. But now, I guess it’s not the case anymore.

As I turned my left and saw Amazon Echo placed on the side table, making me all grin.

” So what were you staring at?”, a voice and sharp pinch on my ear help me to get out of the reverie of my thoughts.

“Huh! Listening news just like you.”, I laughed.

” Very funny! Do you remember what’s the date today? Go, get ready before she left waiting for you?”, she smirked.

Of course yes! How was I even allowed to forget about that? Even my face had attracted all the heating molecules making my face a replica of tomatoes placed few square feet away.

“Hey, Alexa! Vivian is blushing.”, she chuckled and I started thinking that there was some other person besides two of us.

” You & Alexa are giving me the feels of your team with Meera.”, I started rambling while reminiscing our old days.

“Somebody is missing his little sister, isn’t it?”, she asked while crossing her arms.

” of course yes. Who told her to join the college in Canada, isn’t she get admission in India?”, I said disappointedly.

“Stop whining. She will be with you today.”, mom paused while dragging me to my room, and then she continued, ” But go and get ready first.”

After 30 minutes

I rolled up the sleeves of my dress shirt nervously and wore my watch.

I turned towards dressing table last time, there I saw a man fully dressed up in a formal suit, with his hairs perfectly gelled up.

Those perfectly set hairs made me remember my little doll, Meera. I wish she would have been here on my special day.

At 4:00 p.m.

“Mom already half of the day went down, you haven’t allowed me to go to the office and you are busy watching this Turkish drama.”, I complained while shutting down my laptop.

“Shut up! Stop working and learn some romantic tricks from him.”, she said while showing pointing towards television.

” When did Turkish programmes start telecasting”, I frustratedly asked.

“Nope. Honey! This is my LED Smart television unlike you. That means watch what you want when you want.”, she explained while switching off it.

” Now come here, I have something for you.”, she blinked innocently.

The next moment she took out her cell phone making me all confused.

And then 1,2,3….Why did I hadn’t even thought about that?

A freaking Video Call and I blinked twice comprehending what exactly mom has done for me. There she was, my little cutie, in front of me.

“Hey, Bhai! How are you? Are all preparations done for today?”, she asked.

It was then my eyes were all welled up with tears & proud. Proud of how mom has changed with time.

” Isn’t it magic?”, mom laughed making me all dumbfounded.

“It’s magic only if you know how it’s done.”, I said.

“It’s my Smartphone, just a second and my munchkins are together again.”, she pulled my cheeks.

” Hey! I am still here.”, Meera screamed.

After a few minutes

“What is this sound coming of”, I asked mom.

” Don’t worry. You should check the preparations once again. Dare you if she doesn’t feel special.”, mom threatened me while moving outside.

The time we get out of the house, the police officer was standing outside of our neighbors with every epitome of his authority.

“Somebody tried to trespass, I agree. But my files are very important pls do something inspector.”, Mr. Roy said.

“Mr. Roy. Someone who knows you well, who has your keys is the culprit. Don’t worry. We will find out.”, officer replied.

As I rolled my eyes upward, something caught my attention. I signed my finger upwards towards our entrance door.

” Camera?”, Officer questioned.

“Not just a camera but a wireless smart security camera. When we are connected to it, a triggered motion detector makes the camera move in the direction of infrared heat and capture the images of whoever entered.”, I explained.

” But Vivian at night corridor lights are often off.”, Mr. Roy said in a slow tone.

“No worries. It is equipped with night version capability. It can transmit images even in darkened condition. “, I assured him.

After a few minutes, we tend to move to our apartment.

I thought this is how today our survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.

The house in which we live demands that we should transform. Transform to make our lives better.

” Oh, Hero! Where? “, mom asked.

“Mo…”, before I complete she threw my car keys on my face and continue,” Get out now. Come with the best news we all are waiting for.”

At 6:30 p.m.

The sun cast its golden rays down upon the clouds, turning them orange.

I watched the sea, lost in the rhythmic percussion of waves on sand.

“Vivian?”, a gentle soft voice came from behind me just to make me turn me back.

There she was standing, her eyes were steady to the horizon, face aglow with the last orange rays before twilight becker the stars.

Her receding laughter sounded so comforting that I could hardly control myself from reaching out to her and asking her since the day I made her meet my family and I did.

” Wait. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”, I stammered.

“Y-e-s.. I mean yes!”, she clearly said.

Just then I got two, or more pings. Might be a mom, she was more excited than me. I wanted to tell her right away.

But I can’t take out my phone right now. Oh! Yes. I laid my eyes on my watch and started texting.

” To whom you are texting”, Ria asked.

“Nobody, see there is no cell phone”, I immediately tool up my hand like surrendering to the police officer.

She came near me, making me gasp and smiled, ” You have worn the smartwatch that doesn’t mean you need to act smart.”

“Nope. I will not. You are smarter”, I remarked.

” So Mr. If you still want me at your side, buy me the same smartwatch you are wearing”, she gave me an evil grin.

“Okay! I will. “, I said while taking her in a tight hug.

” Now.”, she tightened her lips stopping herself to laugh.

“How darling?”, I asked innocently.

Her hands started tracing my sides and rounded around my neck.

Then she whispered, ” Be my smart man, take out your smartphone, log in to Flipkart, the home of all smart products. That’s how it’s done.”

Today I have realized, the technology is something that has promised us, each one of us electronically connected, no matter where we are.

~The End~

P.S.: How are you cuties? A very long time, isn’t it? But thanks to Indibloggers , got a chance to be back to each one of you.

I was missing you, first of all A very happy 2k19, may god bless you with everything you desire.

This is my competition entry for #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

Would love to hear back from you all.

Purva Narang

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Life – A Precious Jewel

Twilight melted away, colours spread across the sky, red orange glow seeping over the horizon as if the light itself was being poured from the molten sun. The lines of glares that shot on my eyelids awaked me.

I have been waiting for this morning for so long that I barely believed my eyes when the shadow of that castle of my own fear starts to fade diluted by the onset of daylight.

I was engrossed in the web of my own thoughts when I heard a shrill sound of a gentle knock at my door, and I leap out of my bed faster than a gusty wind from a window. I opened the door and it was mom standing with the mix expression of excitement and fear before I could have said anything she spoke,”Avanti, your dad and me are waiting for you downstairs yours results are going to be out any next moment. Come fast.”and she left leaving me in sigh.

It takes me half an hour to dress up in my favorite black denims and blue top. I instantly took my phone; my fingers hurriedly dialled the number to which my heart automatically smiled.

I heard a voice from the other end,”Hello! , without giving him much time I explode all my excitement and nervousness in the drop of second,”Aryan, I am so excited. Finally your dream is going to be fulfil soon. I am sure you are going to rock this too.” To which he replied sternly “Dont forget that it is your result too.” The only thing I was able to do next was wish him luck and hung up the call.

Just few words and I pushed back in the memory lane of my own thoughts. Once again the irony of the suitation hits me back. I was ready to give in everything and taking nothing. I was overpowering yet submissive. I was nervous yet confident. I was curious yet naive. But not for me but for my best friend, may be he is more than friend for me; Aryan whose life depends on this single result like if he will not clear this JEE MAINS then we will love him any lesser or will doubt his capabilities.

Life is a chaos; see how it all depends upon a single click; pass or fail. The next amusing thing is that these results started deciding our life spans too, if you have passed then you are granted with some more years of your existence if not then you can finish up your own life. This is what we get to see in the news channels after the boards and engineering or medical entrances every year, are’nt we? I chuckled at my own thoughts.

Though I am also one of those thousand who has given this engineering entrance but still there is a huge difference between me and them like here its my parent’s wish not mine. For me it’s hardly matter if I will be an engineer or a teacher who will teach not only engineers but many lawyers and doctors too.

While thinking this I walked down and stood beside my dad who was busy taking out some print out, occasionally rubbing his knuckles the only thing that was frequent throughout was a frown and a slightest smile on his face. The time I stood beside him, he immediately wrapped me in his arms. The sight was quiet familiar and the feeling was bliss. ” I am proud of you Avanti”,he said and his lips lingered down at my forehead. While mom joined us making it a perfect family moment.

Yes, I have cleared this entrance but the next thing that strikes my mind was Aryan, what about him? I was about to move towards his house when my phone started ringing, caller ID shows Aryan’s mom, I immediately picked up the call only to hear the worst I could ever dreamt of. “Avanti, are you listening? Tell me Aryan is with you or not. After the result he hasn’t shown me up. He hasn’t cleared. Avanti….”

I kept the phone down and took long steady steps just to reach his house. When I moved out soon there were different colors endorsing the environment with the traffic noises, the smell from the other residents of making coffee and toast was lingering in the air. Within next 15 min I was standing knocking on his door which was seeming like the most meaningless job at that moment.

His mom opened the door with a slightest hope that it might be Aryan; assured her and I went straight to his room. Nobody knows him better than me; in these seven years of our friendship at least I am aware of his habit of writing about everything in his diary before doing or going anywhere.

I entered his room; I can see the chaos that his room was, the dark ragged clothes and brochures of some colleges on his dresser and that tall lamp. The newspaper was lying on the table along with his diary. When my eyes were sparkling with the hope..at the same time his words started echoing in my ears that sweep down the ground under my feet.

I took my steps back and started running, my feet started moving in the direction that doesn’t require any guidance. The air around me is filled with floating atoms, sliding down the curve of the tension that my mind was holding. I was moving faster than a gun,faster than a rat that is going to be trapped any next moment. I reached there, but I stumbled upon my own steps and fell to the ground. The memories got up so as me and stared into his eyes menacingly. I chocked and fought to breathe. I tried and failed to scream.

I hold myself stronger than ever just to reach to him. I did but the next moment there was a hard sound that accompanies us. With all my power I slapped him hard and because of that sudden action and shock , the pills he was holding scattered all over the surface. Little time before I was mocking down the students who finished their lives because of this stupid result not knowing the fact that Aryan will try to do the same.

Does he love engineering or any institution much more than us? Don’t we hold the slightest place in his life that made him think twice before trying to do any such thing?

My voice was screwed down my throat and I was not in the state to hold that sight anymore.

Before I could move I felt a tug on my wrist, I don’t need to turn around to know the owner of that touch, I know it was him.

I reluctantly turned back and the words themselves found their way out, “I was not aware that you are the weekest person I ever known.”

“Then you are highly mistaken it takes huge courage to finish off your own life. You must have to say I am the strongest in your known list”, he replied in a slow tone.

Really he still expecting me to praise his act of consolation. Almost an hour I wasted standing there, I wasted time thinking, I wasted time being quiet and not saying anything because I was afraid, I ‘ll be shutter.

” I Know…I know one more thing that it takes million times more courage and billion times more efforts to live your life accepting it’s miseries, welcoming it’s acceptance flaunting with it’s rejection. The only thing that we need to learn is that every closed door is the way to the next open door.”, I said.

“Not everytime we think like that. It hurts. Broken dreams stabbed the heart more dangerously than any sharp knife. You already knew that it was my dream for which I was living every minute.”, He said while sitting on the bench.

“If you have hertbeat you still have time for your dreams. Dreams are alive until you are. Its not after you, but its always with you.”, I said in a calming tone.

” I don’t love my life anymore.”, He said.

“Even the rose has thorns; it hurt many people many times. Still neither of them stop loving it nor it has stopped scattering it’s fragrance. So as life is, though it troubles you but that doesn’t mean you stop loving it. You know what why we keep our jewels in boxes or lockers?”, I asked.

“Of course as they are very precious we can’t afford to lose them.” Before he could complete I interupted and said,”Exactly! So how do you afford to lose the most precious jewel that is your life. If not for yourself think about the people who love you the most.”

With great remorse in his voice he muttered,”I am sorry for what I had done , for what I was going to do. I am sorry.”

The next moment I hugged him taking all the hurt and giving away just love. Sometimes in life we need a simple hug…no words, no advice ,just a hug to make everything right.

We kept standing under the gentle spring sun its rays warm our skin, like warm kisses from the divine. The nascent leaves have that soft green essence and the ground is scattered with vivid blooms whose petals dance in the breeze. We stood in the cold with the blanket of our dreams not feeling the weight of destiny or immense burden of our own expectations.

The day was as assured as the tides and just an unstoppable. He needs few hours of blackness. Not to sleep but to prepare to pour out those thoughts out,to reorganize prioritize and pack them back again. Just to value this beautiful jewel that is life.


Hey! Cuteheart hope you are doing well. Long time,I Will surely catch up with you all pretty soon.

Just wrote this piece few days back and for change won second price in short story competition. So Thought to share with you all!

Enjoy reading!

Purva Narang

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Cherry Start of an another Chapter

Where to start? How to start? Eventually these were the questions I had in my mind when I was thinking to be back at my place, to my people. 

So long yes, it is. Sometimes we fail to handle everything together. Studies, blogging, exams and much more. Since life is the best and a great teacher itself. Sooner or later it taught us in its own way either it is sweeter or sour; its upon it. 

The greatest thing I have learnt is; in between treasuring the things we don’t have, we tend to lose the precious jewels we are holding with us. 

Let’s leave that for once. So we have entered in a new aura of our life probably the one which is untouched by all the miseries, mischiefs ofcourse more with love and efforts.

Hope we all share the same or I would say a more closer and beautiful bond from now. Because I am not going to leave you all for a single day. 

Happy New Year 2k18

Purva Narang 

(Your writer)

Is that feeling really exist?#fiction

“In that never ending race, between the most beautiful phase, among those career oriented people with my money minded taste. I used to wonder is this actually exist; I mean that feeling where the absence of a person equally matters the way their presence, where the fear of losing each other terrifies the most, where we actually win after losing ourselves in front of each other I wonder…Then I came across  people who find the site of moon more soothing than any expensive expenditure. Then the existence of poetries making sense to me. Then I realize roses and letters are still irreplacable by any branded dress and watch.  Then I realize that this is the reason that you are still waiting for me, miss me then….”,her words swallowed in her teary voice seeing him after those long 5years.

“Just because you can’t see something that doesn’t mean it don’t exist. For me love is not which starts with ‘I’ and ends at ‘you’ . Love is something which starts at ‘you’ and end at ‘us’. It won’t be a lie if I say that I waited for you everyday, I missed you every second but we can’t cage a bird we love, so I let you go. That day you said “love can wait but time won’t” see I am still waiting. Always remember someday we’ll find what we want; may be or may not be and may be we find something more greater but we hardly finds a person who love us back the way we want”, he said while moving towards her.

You always gave and still giving me the feeling people write books about”,she said while smiling.

Look closely, you’ll find your name scattered in every chapter of my book please make sure you are there when my book ends”, he grinned.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you enjoyed reading this. You are free to share your words in comment box. Hey! It’s quite a time I am here hope it doesn’t make any difference.

– Purva Narang

Missed my folk, let’s chat for a while!!( WEEKEND PLAN)

Hey! How are you, lovely people? Hope you are doing extremely well and about ME, it was such a tiring month back EXAMS and we all know they never come alone stress is its favorite companion is’nt it? But then also All is well when the end is well. Above all I missed being here, hope  you all have MISSED ME  too, do you? 

So its Weekend time  and there must be plans too, so what are your plans? Let’s interact for a while,  what say?


May be in another life…

“They have spent their whole life in fulfilling our wishes but its hurting to fulfill their one. I loved you and will always but for this I can’t leave the ones who have told me what actually this selfless feeling is. I don’t want to be the best daughter but always wanted to be the good one. At some point, we tend to realize that some people can stay in our heart but not in our life. Somewhere the end was always known to us but we dare to write the start, the beginning. But for them, for you; I am going to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect and live it’s all a dream and will pretend like its not hurting. Though it hurts and every time more harder and harder. But it was the most beautiful feeling I ever encountered, the most beautiful musing I ever had,  the best ride I rode and the best person I loved and will  always,” she said in teary voice.

“We dare to start as I had a strength  to write the climax but only with you. I am leaving you not because I don’t love you but because you had never asked me to stay. Promise me, may be in another life,in another year, in another night, in another hour we will meet again without fear, without tear but only with love, promise me. I will wait for you ever and forever,” he replied stepping back.

Meet me where the sky touches the sea, Wait for me where the world begins. I  promise, I will meet you,I will love you ever and forever”, she yelled.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and words in the comment section. 


Together forever, never apart

There is some profound beauty in every magical moment that we have waited to meet each other. I know it wasn’t easy but wasn’t impossible either. You know what; for me the joy of meeting again is much more than the pain of parting, may be this has made our relationship more beautiful.  I used to keep myself busy sometimes in assignments and the other time in those books but always end up surrounded by your thoughts, your idea of being in my life. Distance means nothing when you are my everything. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. I used to look up and think of you and wish that someday I could see their light reflecting in your eyes and that day the brightness of our love will only be the reason of their shine, see how bright they are shining today?,” he said while looking those stars in that dark sky.

” Exactly the way you are smiling and even more brighter. We might be parted by distance but always connected by hearts. See how fortunate we are, other needs an hour or twoa to meet each other but it only takes a sec for us to meet in our every thought. Whenever you feel lost just place your hand on your heart and listen to the wind carefully you will always able to hear me and with every beat you will able to feel my love and that time you find me by your side,” she smiled.

They yelled together:

‘Together forever, never apart sometimes in distance but never in heart’.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words,thoughts and ideas in the comment section. 


chit-chat ☕ #April (Dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill?)

Hello amazing people! How are you all? Me, I am doing pretty well, hope the same for you. So, its now been a while that we have actually talked. So I was having a thought or I would say a question that I can’t resist myself from sharing dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill or seeing a dream and we are done at our parts? What else it requires?  Dreams are they actually exist? And so many more. Having questions means your brain is thinking about that so I was.

So, this is it. Hope we all can share what we actually think and have a healthy and beautiful conversation about it. And you are also free to share whatever you desire.

So waiting for your thoughts, ideas and words.


Unsaid Words…

“Undoubtedly, these two years of Business School have filled my life with the most vibrant colors. I always wanted to be here to chase my dreams but I don’t know when this carreer oriented dreamer started dreaming of you. It’s the farewell probably the last day that I got to see you, from tomorrow I will be miles away from you, in another nation. Today I might have achieved the dream job of my life but sadly its my life that’s not with me; that’s you. May be because I have never asked my life to hold my hands in the crowd, to listen my words when I shout, to embrace me when I make proud, may be because… so many words I always wanted to say but never found those ways. I adore every second, every minute and every hour that I spent in being even with your idea. In the way to find a partner in you, I don’t want to lose that friend too so I have never said. I always loved your smile but wanted to be that reason, I always loved your eyes but wanted them to capture me in every season,  simply I always loved you that too without any reason”, he wrote while leaving for the airport and handed over her.

 I wish you might be here while I read this, but you are not. I wish I might have said but that mutual feeling to lose never let the two of us to say. I couldn’t have explained you how it feels to look up across and see you standing at my side. It’s like I want you to look at me every time but I turn my head whenever you do. I promise I will keep this piece of my heart that makes me smile whenever I think about you. “, she wrote on the other side of the same paper. 

  • P.S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 

Its not because there was no love,its because there were no words that never let their story happen.