No Friend is like a sister

Sisters as we know, always have a unique and splendous relationship. She is the only  person who knows you , your entire life loves you , always their to stand by you no matter what happened but you know what,  she is the only person who knows where to exactly drive the knife , haha she knows your strength as well as the weakness at the same time . 

The best thing about having a sister is that we always have a friend i.e. best  friend . From those sweet conversations to the day dreams , she is your partner. And the most thrilling part those misunderstandings and then cat fights ;that is also fun and memories that we cherish later. 

She is world of possibilities , that partner in crimes, a midnight companion and only person who knows that you smile in dark . No friend is like a sister. 

Somebody has rightly said;

Sisters function as a safety nets in a chaotic world, simply by being their for each other ! 

35 responses to “No Friend is like a sister”

  1. I have two sisters. I know my neighbor better than I know either one of them.
    At least, when I raised my daughters, hopefully I instilled the value of having a sister. My two oldest ones have been incredibly close their entire lives.
    What a wonderful thing it must be.

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  2. I have no sisters but I have a big brother who I share this type relationship with, every since I was a little girl he has always been right beside me. I can remember him always holding my hand whenever we went out. I’m so blessed to have him. Great post!❤❤

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  3. I have no sisters, nor does my daughter, but she has 2 girls and watching their relationship with each other is such a joy. Ups and downs, of course, but I see a deep bond that will last.


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