Beginnings are always known to be the hardest.When you begin there comes a time when you might get the feeling that this is the end but its not. Even every end has a new start . I have read somewhere “Every story has an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning “! 

Here’s a short poetry 


The time you feel the end, 

The whole world is at glance. 

Its phase for you to enhance, 

As it’s just not the end. 

It’s a new start up, 

Not the conception of new chapter. 

But an inclination of new book, 

That is full of glooms . 

The foregoing book is over, 

The new one has started. 

Look at it’s first page , 

It’s already sparking. 

The hour you feel the end, 

Everything mislaid . 

There’s a new beginning in every end, 

Just start a new fresh ! 


Life is not about giving up , its about stand up and ready for the next surprise task . Face it but never challenge it . 


33 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. “Hasten slowly, and without losing heart,
    Put your work twenty times upon the anvil.”
    by Nicolas Boileau L ‘ art poétique 1674
    This meant , nothing is never ended you have to start again and again
    In friendship

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