World so high, under the sky ! 

I was sitting under the sky, 

With the words so high. 

Not the single person on which I rely, 

Is this the way to the world we apply. 

With the thoughts in mind , 

Wondering the place to find. 

I was still standing in the hope, 

That I can cope. 

Nobody do worry, 

Everyone is in hurry. 

Even the thoughts in my mind , 

That I still have to find. 

Now It’s time to wait , 

For the thoughts to rate. 

Nothing is to hurry , 

At last, you still have to buried, 

In this world so high under the sky. 

It’s time to teach the world , 

Some lessons to be conduct. 

There is lot to achieve, 

But not by mischief . 

By planting the seeds of harmony , 

Nothing to do with the money. 

For the sake of love , kindness and humanity, 

Let’s be together , 

To make this world look more high under this vast sky ! 



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