Her love

Mother’s are the best blessings of God . Her selfless unconditional love and support made you to do wonders. They are life or I can say she is password to my life. 

Here’s a short poetry 

Her love

The day I opened my eyes, 

In this world so wide. 

She was the first person I saw, 

With the sparkling eyes. 

The journey has started, 

Time passes. 

Her love for me become more classic. 

Nothing is new, 

I stick to her like glue. 

The mislaid things, 

Looks better in her view. 

With the flowing time, 

She has become more mine. 

From teacher to friend, 

Her love for me has no end. 

I thank to devine, 

Every minute I find. 

For given me the mother, 

That I can say is mine! 




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