Now or Never 

In once or a while we all have gone through the situation where we have to make quick decision;Now or Never. It become hardest especially where we have to choose between ;where we should be or where we want?  This is  also the reason that most of  the people escaped from the situation and let the things flow in the same manner like earlier . Sometimes that is  also become one of the biggest regret for  tomorrow that if we have taken that decision that day , the things would not be the same but that’s useless now things will remain the same dear. 

We fail to realize that sometimes our smallest decision change our lives completely in a more better way than what we actually expected . May you also have taken wrong decision at times but it’s ok;sometimes wrong decisions take us to the right path. For taking right decision we need experience and experience comes after taking wrong decisions, hahaha. 

In the chase of that right decision we may lose number of chances presented to us by life , take chance let the things itself decide , do your best today the decision may be wrong but yes,  tomorrow you will have no regressions and you will be satisfied that atleast you have tried .. 



38 thoughts on “Now or Never 

  1. Sometimes it may seem that we have made a ‘wrong’ decision; yet sometimes that decision is the only way that we can reach the path meant for us. Life isn’t always ‘straight forward’; there are generally many twists and turns before we reach our goal… Loved this post, Purva… 🙂

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      1. The stepping stone has been taken , may the Almighty blesses and you all also bless me with your kind words because blessings are priceless we never know whose wishes would be behind our success..!!

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