How wonderful these days are! 

Apart from studies, co-curricular there is much more to explore in these wonderful college days!College has started almost more than an year ago but now things are changing or may be I am changing.

How beautiful these words are seeming;Crush, friendship and realtionship. Though, I haven’t experience this feeling of prevailing love in the air of campus yet,but it might be an amazing feeling. 

I heard that it is when you started seeing perfection in imperfect things etc. But I personally believe,  that the power of reality is much more than the fantasy.It’s fun to see how boys approaches girls and then so on. 

Though I don’t believe in all these, but somewhere wants to. Nothing ever become real till it is experienced, haha.Earlier in my opinion, Life must be perfect but now Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. 

May the very day come soon till then I am enjoying this change! 



28 thoughts on “How wonderful these days are! 

  1. Change, change and more change, Purva…
    If we allow it, our lives can become a never ending changing experience. What we think and feel today may change by tomorrow bringing a wealth of experience with it… Enjoy it all, Purva; there is so much to know and learn… 🙂

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