A Page from a Daughter’s Diary

Dear Daddy, 

A father is known to be the daughter’s first love. So very true, not only the first love you occupy every place in the ladder of love in my life. I think, no I am sure; nobody loves me the way you do. From that stubborn small school going girl now to the big university girl, I know I am still that small girl for you and always be the same. You have always nourishes my stubborn nature with great love and patience. The person who has truly fulfill the meaning of the phrase”Your wish,  my command” in my life is only you. From that dream doll house to your anniversary trip, whatever I wished. I cannot define your meaningful presence in my life and the love you flatter everytime.I cannot define that happiness,  I see in your eyes when I move my steps towards my dreams, you are more than happy and excited than me, may be this is what a father’s love is. You are my world and I know your world revolves around me. 

I cannot say that I will tell you all this on a very fine day, because no fine day is enough fine that will define your love and presence in my life. 

Thank you for always being their, thank you for everything! 



39 thoughts on “A Page from a Daughter’s Diary

      1. Don’t worry. They chose him. He gave them an ultimatum…him and the tramp…or me. They chose him and the tramp. They are desperate for any attention and affection from him and he is trying to impress that tramp by pretending to suddenly care about his children. It’s working.
        It’s okay. Those are two people who would never be good enough to be in my world. It cost my children but in a way….they are just like him.

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  1. This is a wonderful heartfelt story. Of course it does not apply to all…in real life…everyone has different relationships with their father, and I think that most understand that. (A page from A daughter’s diary….not All daughters) This can be said about many things in life…different people, different circumstances.

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      1. I am sure that will never going to happen. And yes, if it will happen then I will do whatever my Dad’s decision. Because I can’t ruin a 19 yr relationship because of that 1, 2 or whatever it happen for a short period.
        He is very important in my life, and I know I occupy the same place in his life.

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