No doubt, you have done exceptionally well in your life, from the role of student to the teacher, daughter to the sister every character well defines you. But you have to understand that a girl is likely to spent her life for others not for her, this is what you have to learn. Whatever your role may be , whatever your role will be , it will never occupy the place of’main’in the story of your life. This is what the plot of our society actually is. Everyone agrees. 

But somewhere silently,  she disagrees. And dreamt to see her character to be main not in her own life but also in others. 



20 thoughts on “Disagree

  1. This is really great, I agree with it so much and you’ve put it into words so perfectly. The best bit is the “plot” of our society I think, because you’ve highlighted all of that corruption in just one word. Fantastic!

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