Dual Nomination: Lovely Blog, Liebster Award! 

First of all a huge , thank you for the dual nomination https:/187puneet.wordpress.com. I am delighted that you have nominated me. Pls do check his amazing blog. 


  1. Write a post to accept this nomination. 
  2. Thank the person nominated you and mention the link. 
  3. List 7 things about yourself. 
  4. Mention the links of blog you further nominate. 
  5. Notify the recipients of the award. 
  6. Post these rules again. 


  1. I do not encounter or I can say face suitations regarding relationship and all. I prefer escaping from the scene , the way I have done recently that I told you at Let’s talk. 
  2.  I am a chocolate lover, no single day completed till I tasted my love. 
  3. After every 20~30 days, I find my wardrobe void and an urgent urge to shop, things have taken that way that now I fail to find place to keep them, haha. 
  4. I love to spend the weekend with a cup of black coffee, my favorite book and meal rather than any outing. 
  5. I don’t like to post any photos on facebook, Instagram etc which I don’t. As I feel why should I share my people and moments with anyone else, haha. 
  6. The only person I have spent the most beautiful, memorable, irritable, even my family time is not other than my best friends since last 10 yrs and if things will remain same, many more. 
  7. And last, I usually start celebrating my birthday a month earlier, pre birthday month and get a surprise gift everyday till the D-DAY. That I am enjoying these days till the 2 nd of oct. 



1. Do you believe love at first sight or believe that it’s a slow process? 

The feeling that faster the rate of your heartbeats, how can itself be slow. Its only waited to fall in love whether it can be at first sight or not,then its slow for you when you will spend time together and fast when the time vanishes and your partner have to leave. 

2. Which Harry Potter character you want to be and why? 

No Doubt, Hermione Granger every girl wants to be. She was pretty, whole series hands down to the best female character. Without her Harry and Ron wouldn’t have been able to succeed in what they did! 

4. Introvert, extrovert or ambivert. 

 An ambivert. 

5. Are you a party buff? 

Depends, with my best people , yes I am. Not with everyone and everytime. 

6. What would you do if someone abruptly proposes you? 

Like I do, I will escape from the situation. And then thinks what I want if Am I ready? If yes, then I will go for it. But surely, will not react at the very moment. 

7. What’s your interpretation of this love? 

This I have already answered you in last nomination. 

8. What do you think of my blog? 

Number of times I told you have an amazing and beautiful blog, one should read each and every post of you. 

My nominations for both the awards:






These people have an amazing blogs. Your questions are the same because I want to ask the same things from you. 
Once again thank you for nominating. 



26 thoughts on “Dual Nomination: Lovely Blog, Liebster Award! 

  1. Haha.. That awkward incident is really awkward and by reading your facts, I can see that you are a homely person. I am also a choclate lover.
    And you like to buy clothes every 20 or 30 days, well that’s like an every girl thing.
    I know I get greedy as I ask questions about my blog. :mrgreen::mrgreen:


    1. No, facts always don’t reveal your real personality. Homely is not a correct word to define that’s home lover, haha. But yes, I have experienced everything from night outs to sky diving. You can never predict a girls mind even she herself cannot.
      Every blogger have a right to be greedy atleast for the blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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