He started preparing for the day.His fearful eyes, those small hands, the pressure to give best made him to think immense.Before the sunrise he wakes up in the morning, reminds everything what he has to tell.Now he started dressing up just like a gentleman. The needle of watch directed him to the way not what he had chosen but what decided by his fate.The destination has arrived,everything stabilize. Everyone their surprised by the words,”What do you like to have sir;tea or coffee?”,that the small gentleman gracefully convey.


  • P.S.-Life is not what we have choosen,its what it has decided for us.

33 thoughts on “Graceful 

    1. You made me remember that Shakespeare poem”The Seven Stages of Life”.World is a stage,life is a play and our roles are already decided. According to that our lives might be scripted,isn’t it?,haha

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      1. First thing first, I am very bad at remembering poems and even understanding them…lol 😂
        Next, yes everyone’s life is like a masala movie and therefore, scripted.
        So it’s like
        Story written by – God
        Director – Heart and Mind
        Actor – Myself
        Producer – Myself
        😂 😂

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      2. That’s fine, but I am little good at remembering things then either it is a poem or anything else, haha.
        Now come to your masala movie that was something unique. Though I love classic plays but the movie is not a bad idea,infact a good example.
        The cast is also good, not bad, haha.

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      3. Sometimes I remember even the shittiest things while sometimes I don’t remember the most important things. That’s a big problem with me…
        I love movies. Have never watched a play.
        Cast is great. 😁😁

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  1. Let me give you the perspective of 70 years of self-observation, comparing myself to the world around me. Earthian life appears “pre-planned” because of the controllers (religion, government, money men) who take advantage of people’s confusion on the subject and infuse their own agenda into the mix. Life is open ended, and entirely by choice. Anyone can terminate their life anytime they choose, which indicates that they do have the freedom to change anything they want. There was a time when I was the victim of people in authority over me. I hated that so I changed it to no more victim. Once I knew within myself that I would not be their victim, then I was no longer anyone’s victim, not even of the “God” they had put over me. Nothing was predestined, there was no karma to atone for, no divine will to submit to, nothing. It was all one huge lie designed to control how I thought, talked and acted. This is now true for me: there is only choice. Of course that means one of those choices can be to believe one has no choice but to live in subjection to a dysfunctional societal system and remain forever its victim and slave.

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    1. So true, and the well experienced perspective and the way you have explained that is commendable. And your last lines “one has no choice but to live in subjection to a dysfunctional societal system and remain forever its victim and slave”gave me a new direction to think about it. I appreciate your valuable words. Thank you very much for reading as well as sharing your words.
      Hope you will keep sharing your valuable words in merely future also.
      Lots of love

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