His message

It was 11:30 p. m., when the excitement of welcoming an another greatful year of her life was clearly visible on her face, and the memories she, somewhere cornered in her mind making her little upset too. She made herself busy but still remember how they started talking an hour earlier and welcome it together. She realizes that the change was not in them, it was the time that was changing. 

Breaking the silence her phone beeps the eye itself move towards watch it’s almost 11:50p. m. , a message from an unknown number whose digits are still familiar, “Sorry dear, I have broken the ritual of last 5 years. I haven’t called you up, not because I don’t want to be or I don’t remember but because I can’t handle that akwardness in your voice after that confession which not only changes the equation of our friendship but also the lives of two best friends. You were right this feeling usually ruin the friendships but I can’t help it, it happens. I just want to tell you, ” I miss those late night conversations, I miss those teasing comments, I miss those phone calls at strange hours, I miss those group meetings at your place, I miss your smile, I miss your voice, I miss our friendship, I miss you”. Now don’t  start missing me haha, it will almost 11:59p. m.while you read upto here, I haven’t broken the ritual of wishing you before uncle, aunty. 

“Happy Birthday to you, may almighty bless you with the presence of someone whose presence and absence matters in your life. You blessed with everything you desire and deserve”

Good night

The message ended, may be it was ended to start a new story. The story of their love compiled with friendship. 

  • P. S. -Today was my 19th birthday, and it was the well spent day with little traces of this story, haha. Sometimes we ourselves complicate our lives with these complicated feelings. 


35 thoughts on “His message

    1. Thank you. It is my absolute pleasure that you like it. And only a beautiful mind recognize the beautiful soul. I love your wonderful words that appreciates me to write more. Thank you once again.
      Lots of love

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