On the way of running upon other’s expectations, she forgets to walk on her own ideas. Though, she was working too hard to solve the mystery of engineering entrance. But her mind was busy solving the riddles of words. Due to the ideology of ‘other’s first’ she cannot get victory of words over the numbers. The result has come for the hard work she has done, she passed the entrance. But the fruit was sour rather than sweet. Now her ideas dictating over her ideology. She decided to go with the power of words unless the logic of numbers. 

May be it was a challenge to keep her idea as priority. But every challenge we encounter in life is a fork in a road, you have the choice to choose which way to go:backward, forward, breakthrough or breakdown. And breakthrough happens only when limiting thoughts and behavior are challenge, which she has happily accepted. 

  • P. S. -If you want a breakthrough in life stop giving yourself excuses and just charge ahead. And go for the ideas your mind wants to move with. 



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