The glory of love

“I am waiting with a umbrella for you since last 20 minutes, and there is no sign of you”, the mother said.

I am here only, she waved her mom and the mother waved her back. She move ahead to reduce the distance of some steps between them. And a sudden hit by the car driving by a drunkard created the distance of miles among them.

 Mother ran and cried, do’nt worry you will be alright. Please somebody call the ambulance. Mother took her in her lap and she smiled, Mom I love you and sorry to made you to wait so long and convey the message of love to daddy also. 

” Please do’nt say this, you are blessing that come from above in our life. A special and beautiful treasure to love. You are that sunshine who filled our years with laughter. You really could’nt have known how much your mom and daddy loves you. I know you are our daring daughter, you can fight for your life, for our love, for us. You are our pride, with the tears in her eyes”. 

Ambulance arrives. 

  • P. S. -Pls do’nt drink and drive, you never know how many bonds of love break regularly, just because of our small irresponsbilities. And no love is pure than our parents, truly we could have no idea how much they love us. 



21 thoughts on “The glory of love

  1. I read this on my email and wanted to comment. It’s sad that many suffer from the irresponsibility of others. It even gets me angry. How much beautiful the world will be if majority had chosen to be responsible. Timely piece dear. Love it.

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