We usually think life is all about a second chance.We made mistakes but sometimes forget to learn from them.As a result, mistakes become our friend and regression our companion.Mistakes make us realize what we had, what is no longer with us, what we have taken for granted.Sometimes there are no next time, no timeouts, no second chances but life is all about to learn, learn from others, learn from own mistakes, learn from old experiences.Its always a work in progress.As long as we are alive, we have every chance to correct our mistakes.



26 thoughts on “Realize

  1. Mistake……the humorous side of this word is really funny if you think…..

    Mistake…..can be interpreted as, I did what I felt was right, but if you feel it is wrong then you have mistaken it… it’s all about the judgements, whether you do somebody else does…..

    Just kidding….. Nice words….

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    1. Yes, you are right it’s all about an individual perspective sometimes what is right for you, may be not for me. But it’s we who have to learn from our own mistake. Thank you for reading and for a lovely comment.

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  2. I like your short articles. This one closes with, and quote: “As long as we are alive, we have every chance to correct our mistakes.”
    That is a truism. What is required is that one, first of all, recognizes one’s mistake as a mistake, and you’d be surprised how many people choose the blame game over self-examination and admission of wrong doing. If such an admission is made the next thing that has to happen is a commitment to change one’s nature so that mistakes are not repeated. Sadly most “Earthians” believe they cannot change who, or what, they are except through some divine/spirit intervention. We need to develop will power, taking responsibility for all of our thoughts (that’s the most important and most difficult aspect of change), then our words and our acts. That is how we change ourselves. We will still make mistakes but two things will stand out: the new mistakes will scream at us for correction, being much more “visible” and they will be different mistakes. Definitely an improvement.

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    1. So very true. I am glad you liked it. And I am filled with joy when you share your thoughts here and in such a beautiful way that makes me learn so many new things.
      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment.

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