Never Hit

From mere childhood,she was taught that her real duty is to serve others and her house would be the only which belongs to her husband.With the flowing time this was the only thing that left in her mind.The day arrives,she left her house after all she is femine.She thought that happiness has knocked her door but that she fails to unlock. The man she belongs own her like his property.The only companion left with her is pain, sorrow and courtesy.Those daily arguments, fights and her crisis, now they are not alone to witness but a little angel aside.

The little girl pointed her plastic pistol at her Dad, he laughed.

“Never hit my mom again”,she thundered.

That day real bullets were fired from a toy pistol.It was what her mother should have done years before,she was just not only the victim but responsible for the increasing crime.




51 thoughts on “Never Hit

  1. Powerful, sadly true and necessary. There comes a point where you say no with more than words when they don’t want to listen. It is very hard to stand up to abusers and the System offers very little real help as I found out for myself. I have a friend who was abused for 2 years by a very evil man. Finally she went to the police with her bruises and got rid of him – legally – but he can still legally stalk her and verbally abuse her on the street away from her home. She lives in constant fear of him. How she fell in his clutches? He had money.

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    1. Few days back I had randomly gone through a blog whose author was gone through this same suitation, so I thought to write about it here. And yes, you are right it’s very difficult to come out of this.
      Thank you for sharing your words.

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  2. Beautiful write my friend! Not only that but it’s something that must be told for the one’s who have no voice. I know what’s like to abused physically and mentally by the hands of the one who supposed to love you the most. My father. From almost the moment I came in this world I was downtrodden every day til I ran away and never went back til many years. I’m trying to write about it but it’s to difficult sometimes. Maybe with God’s help I can cause it’s a crime against humanity that’s needs to be told. It’s called THE BOY IN THE BOX…

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