My First Dance Performance-1

Though my first performance was at the age of 5,but here I am sharing my first dance performance at college.It was very special, special in a way, it was an encounter to dance after almost 2-3yrs.As in last two yrs of school everything from co-curricular to hobbies everything was astonished or lost somewhere.Let’s come back to this, after selection in the drama community of university,I had also got a chance to perform in the dance group(I am not a member of dance community).I was more than happy.To the day of performance,the drive was interesting and full of fun.It was an Inter-College Group Dance Competition.We had 5 pairs in a group and practice is scheduled after classes.Practice sessions are the best,everytime the choreography was at it’s level best and you neither get bored nor tired for the things you enjoy doing.I started seeing dance making as a way to reflect the times which we live.With the practise, there was much too work upon like costumes, presentation everything which was managed very perfectly. After 25 days of busy work,it was ‘the day’, the next evening when we had to perform and the first performance at college….

To Be Continued.. 

  • P.S.-Hope you guys have enjoyed.



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