My First Dance Performance-2

Wait was finally over, it was the evening. Everything was finally settled, outfits were designed beautifully and fitted perfectly. Now the stage call for all the participating group was started being done. By the time, the seed of nervousness was grown more than the plant of excitement but still there was the same never going smile on the face. After the introduction to the respected jury members now its the turn for the introduction of chief dance group guest that was much expected the winner group of last two years ALLES. The group head was requested to encourage participants with his few words, his words were spell bounding but which I still remember exactly the same are”Don’t dance to win any trophy, don’t dance to win any prize just dance to win hearts”. It was like my heart had already started dancing on the rythm of his words, haha. 

In the number of 15, our turn to perform was 5th.After meeting fellow participants I was like, How would I? That was normal feeling that every winner go through before performing, haha. Winner in terms of those who have courage to walk upon  his or her fears, and of course, the winner of the night. The time performance was closer and my heart started beating much more faster than normal, the act of swinging the right leg in one direction was the typical sign that I was nervous not only me many were also going through the same. But yes I am highly obliged to my partner with being an amazing dancer,  he also proofs himself to be a good friend also which he need not to prove. He had’nt left for a second till the performance. Now it was our turn to bang on but like everytime we don’t invite problems, but they are the one who never leave us alone, haha. We had’nt realize that 5th pair was missing, with the 2nd annoucement we decided to move towards the green stage where we requested them to wait for few minutes, they agreed but at the price of marks, which we had to pay. After repeated calls finally they both arrived but we had’nt found that time suitable to ask them where they actually were? We thanked god, and started moving towards stage. At the time of keeping that first step it was like my heart was just about to leave behind the highest scale of its rythm but hopefully I was not sweating like others which had’nt ruin my make up, haha. Once I had started tangling my legs for the steps, it was just I was unaware of the judges, neither worried about marks nor anyone else. It was ME alone, my heart was flaunting with the great feeling, no words can define that. Those 8 min were enough to fill the moments of those last 2yrs. I was flying in the air and then after all the performances we secured 2nd position not because there was something wrong in our performance but for the reduction of those waiting marks. But we were happy. One of the best moment it was! 

  • P. S. -I will soon share video as well as pictures, as for some reasons it is not with me right now. Hope you guys have enjoyed it. 



39 thoughts on “My First Dance Performance-2

  1. Oh, Purva; I can truly identify with you. It has been 3 years since competing in ballroom dance; the excitement, the nerves, the anticipation is so wonderful to experience. We are now back to having lessons and hope to compete again next year!
    I understand competing to win hearts. This is the only way I can; have fun and enjoy the moment.
    Looking forward to seeing the video…. ❤


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