Why Not Me?

IMG_20161018_182606_904.JPG“I always loved you more than anyone else. I always wanted to share everything with you. I always wanted to hear those words of admiration, encouragement and appreciation that you share with your son. I always wanted to share that father-daughter special bond with you. But your love and care is always for your son, why not for me? You have always shared your words, why not with me? You have always make him laugh, why not me? You always have time to share, why not for me? You have always show your hatred, why only to me? “, a daughter with tears in her eyes.

“To do this you were waiting for your dad, is this a way to talk to him? “, a mother thundered.

“I am still waiting mom, I am waiting since last 16 yrs, he has’nt arrived”,a daughter replied.




61 thoughts on “Why Not Me?

  1. So touchy and emotional…
    “अंजुम” तुम अपने शहर के लड़को से ये कहो
    पैरो की बेड़ियाँ नहीं पायल है लडकियां…

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  2. So kind of you..you ll get a partner like what u expect.May god ll bring ur wish true…ill pray..But not all in our society…In my Hometown Madurai,Tamilnadu…we here lookafter all the women as god..not only daughters

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    1. This is what I have seen someone going through personally but this is what I felt that there is still in our society and need to change. Thank you very much for reading as well as sharing your words and glad to know how beautifully women are treated in your hometown.

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  3. I wish my daughters’ daddy had cared about them. They were girls and he wanted boys. He finally had a boy and he treated him worse than he treated the girls.
    What a wonderful legacy he left for them….a lying, cheating, disease-giving, selfish asshole. He certainly set an image of what they DIDN’T want for a husband or father of their children.

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    1. That is what I want to change the mentality of this homesick society. Though I am blessed to have such great parents where they treat me like princess that doesn’t mean that society is free from this curse. I don’t know why they want son, I think to get insulted and many more. Fed up. This is what our caretaker daughter goes through.

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      1. My ex wanted a son to carry on the bloodline and that worthless name. He got it but he paid no attention to him at all. My son became a drunk so my ex called him a “worthless piece of shit.”
        My poor little boy…all he ever wanted was the love and attention of his daddy.

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  4. Truthful but very sad comment on the legacy of the family within the Patriarchy. I’m reminded of an old popular folk song from my birth country (Brittany), translated goes like this: “Marry your son whenever you wish, your daughter whenever you can.” Then the lyrics turn to the girl and say, “We won’t sell you at the market, or put you up for a lottery prize…” The song was written to remind girls that they were unwanted and a burden to the parents… even though in that country the women did most of the drudge work in the homes and on the farm or the fish processing plants or the potato fields. The women, of course, were never supposed to question this two tiered situation and fight it. What happened in these places is, most of the young women left the country for the cities (Paris, or other large centers) to further their education or find “meaningful” employment and perhaps find men somewhat more broad minded. For some, that worked. For most, it has meant a different kind of drudgery: the prison-like life of the city and minimum wage jobs.


  5. Beautifully said! Still in most of the parts of our society, daughters are hindered and restricted..every thing such as love, care, courage and acceptance starts from a family. But when it fails there, uplift of a girl child becomes the soul responsibility of herself. And if it doesnt happen, she will not be rescued from all the restrictions imposed on her. Women are the most strongest of all creatures.

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  6. I was saddened to read this. I don’t know much about your culture, but I’m sure I will learn more as I read more. I can relate to this, however. Heartfelt wishes to you, young lady. ~hugs, J

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    1. Sorry to hear, but with the god grace I haven’t experience it but understand it completely as my caretaker daughter is just going through this pain since she born and she inspires me to write this. Thank you for reading as well as sharing your words.

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    1. Just write your heart out, whatever you believe, whatever you want. Just do visit others blog read and share your words, your opinion if you want. And this is it. I don’t know more as I had started blogging 6 weeks back only. All the very best.


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