They do not need…. 

From those midnight calls to the text messages, from those small get togethers to the night outs, from those punishments to the admiration, from those surprised birthday plans to the spoiled hangouts. They have experienced each glimpse of their life together. Even those dark secrets are the part of their joke. They fight together, they cried together, they love each other but they are not lovers, yes they are not. They are best friends. Still the glory of their friendship rules the beauty of love of their hearts. They do not need to be lovers to share such special bond. Yes, they do not need… 

  • P. S. -Its not important that every girl and boy seen together are lovers, sometimes they are friends only. 



56 thoughts on “They do not need…. 

    1. Love is not only resist to a relationship shared between two lovers, its a feeling that we share with our parents, friends and so on, that surely make the bond strong. And you are right too, its a same mentality that is carried way and need to change. Thanks for reading.

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      1. Dont say thanks and you are a writer sorry very good writer…Be proud of it…if writers ourselves cant wake up the society then who else ll do?Go ahead…kudos…sometimes share ur own life experiences related to your blog


  1. That is so true. One of my daughter’s best friends was a boy who was her best friends boyfriend. They could talk for ours on the phone and if she wasn’t home, he’d talk with me for hours. We both miss him. He died of leukemia when they were 14. Very sad.

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