Chit-Chat☕ #November

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing very well. The secret of getting ahead is getting started so as we. Don’t you think blogging must be friendly? So, I thought no other way is better to create that friendly gesture. 

So here we start, I am Purva, 19 yr university going girl pursuing English literature, 2nd yr. So, now with the introduction I welcome you wonderful guys for this amazing session. 



175 thoughts on “Chit-Chat☕ #November

      1. Due to college and work. I don’t get much free time, which I get is easy to spend, sometimes with a mug of coffee and my favorite book and how much you neglect but your friends always their to ruin your weekends, haha. At last I love to spend time with my daddy.

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      2. It’s not any excuse, may be I have made myself busy in the stuff around me. Yes, being with daddy I can’t bored off though he is a business man and always surrounded by his office peeps. Then also I enjoyed. What about you?

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      3. i like spending time with family too.. ah i go cycling , i like spending time in place which is calm and not crowded.. every sunday i make time to finish my personal work like budgeting , banking , groceries etc. Saturdays are meant to go out for movies, shopping, travelling and dining out. i keep myself occupied ..

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      1. I am in love with life! I love to be kind and helpful to anyone in need as long as they do not take advantage of my giving nature. I have a beautiful daughter who is grown and married to her high school sweetheart and they are the loves of my life, along with my weenie dog of course Liddle bear hahaa! ❤

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      2. You see my kindness my sweet because you come from the same! XO! I enjoy being out here blogging because of bloggers exactly like you! this space is meant to connect us and what a wonderful job you do at helping that along! ❤ 🙂 ❤ You are very much appreciated I hope you know!

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      3. I was a foodie! and I did love Chinese as well, but I have begun to look at food differently and as lame as it might sound eating healthy meals now excites me haha! The fact that I have stopped using butter for almost 2 months now tickles me! I use to eat soo much of it omg I was really just so gross haha!

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  1. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Sorry for the exclamation marks bomb* haha
    My name is Harsh Jain, Fab Writings, little movielover, hahahaha
    I am 15 years old and class 10th student…
    I think I write good stories and good posts, and I love to make friends!!!!! 😉😊

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      1. One of my favourite hobby is Singing!!!! I love music for it can change my mood back to happy just in a minute… hahaha
        I love reading books!!!! They are like more than my best friend… 😊 wish I could marry a book, jk… haha just imagine me putting mangalsutra on a book, oh god, I know that was bad… 😂😂
        And my other hobby is spending my time with my friends and making new friends… (and I call myself an introvert, haha)
        I like to paint, I like writing scripts for street plays and anything, I like to write poems…
        And another habbit of mine is a bit secret, only my family knows it… hahaha

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      2. You are a treasure 💎. You know what, I have also learnt classical music 🎶. Well I love reading books too, but how hilarious it look a book wearing mangalsutra is’nt it?, haha. I don’t find you introvert in any case. Painting is quite interesting too. And a secret habbit , quite impressive.

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      3. I hate secrets, I can’t digest them… but someone’s secret I can keep in the deep deep corner if my that habbit is: in morning I play music and dance on it, and whatever the music it is, I dance… now stop imagining me dancing on deewani mastani but yes, I did it once… its fun yaar!!! Total fun!!! 😂😂😂

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      4. 😂😂😂😂😂 Help? Thank you so much!!! Will surely remember you when needed.
        What’s her story? Ahhh, tough to answer… I don’t know, it’s just she doesn’t want to lose her friend and I am happy being her friend… though, you know… 😊

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      5. Awesome!!!! I mean, I am loving my subjects more than ever… but this sst looks like it doesn’t want to befriend me… and I don’t know… past me kya problem thi meri sst se… but mere or sst ke beech relationship ab ban rahi h, I mean, first term went awesome…. highest in all the sections… *not bragging* hHah

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      6. I got 9.6 cgpa in 10th. And I used to find maths, science and eng my fav subjects. Then also score always highest in social science, haha. I always wanted to take science stream that I have taken.

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      7. Dushmani nahi hai but physical is not considered as a subject by various colleges and so it cannot be included in top 4. It needs equal efforts or maybe even more. Paper is very lengthy. It is taken liniently by students and thus reduces overall percentile.

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  2. I am a teenager, final year of graduation. I love to doodle. Love it so much. I like to express myself with them and i used to be appreciated for them alot by my loved ones so idecided to start a blog. Where i write. Doodle. And express. 🙂
    chekck out some of my art hope u would like it

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