“There is a Hero in everyone whether its me, you or anyone. Yes, you have read correctly a HERO, is’nt it sound interesting? I guess, yes atleast somewhere. Hero not in sense, you have to save the world, haha. Every character play is the hero of his own story, so the way we are all heroes of our own life.Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you, that is greater than any obstacle. At last, we have to be our own hero, why at last only? From the very first place we must, do you know why? 

As dear,everyone is busy saving themselves, is’nt it? 

She needed a hero thats what she became.. 

Regards~ Purva 💕💎


38 thoughts on “Hero

  1. Like a child looking up to his/her parents, or students inspired by teachers, heroes are everyday folks. True they cannot fly with a cape (and undergarment worn outside) to save the world, but they are nonetheless the ones who “saved” someone through their love and inspiration!

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