That shine in the darkness

What if I would say, that the most beautiful inspiration in our life is in darkness, in that dark sky? You may not believe, but I find it,  in the  moon. This I had realised yesterday even that disturbed mind finds the peace in the silent darkness. Not everyday shines like the sun sometimes there comes a dark night too. But they are also important as certain darkness is needed to see the stars, isn’t it? And if you are feeling lonely, just look at the moon someone somewhere is looking right at it. It feels so wonderful or I would say peaceful, when you stare at that sparkle in the dark. Its truly the magic of soul. 

And someone has correctly said:

“Each night the moon kisses secretly the lover who counts the star”

  • P. S. -Its truly the best and beautiful gift of nature. 

Regards~ Purva 💕💎


101 thoughts on “That shine in the darkness

      1. hahaha, oh god! not a management student. and if I really wanted to do brand endorsement, I would’ve mentioned the full link, or vaise bhi Purva Di ko maine bola visit me because i REALLY WANTED HER TO PARTICIPATE IN MY POST “hello”

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  1. Beautiful.
    The dark reveals our need of the light. Is a reminder of the conflict. The need. This brings us reflection, two ideals, one we live off of, and the other is our hope, our aspiration.
    Players upon the stage of life; Light and Dark.
    Thank you dear Sudershana.

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  2. Sudershana this is so beautiful, I love staring at the moon and as you rightly said we get so much peace being to ourselves in the night and only when darkness comes the light will show its way. Simply perfect portrayal too. It is very soothing and a great post!

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