“You are one of the most handsome boy in the college. From those intelligent arguments in the class to the Basketball ring , from written exams to the viva, you excel in everything. And to the not so good looking girl, neither own a style of speaking like you nor have any profound beauty. You are confessing your love, how can I believe your words? “, she said. 

” Now listen, you have beautiful eyes that appreciates my looks, you are thoughtful that you find my words worthy. The reason of our conversation,  the topics related to the syllabus I used to read, that made me to do well in the exams. Every girl is beautiful in her own way and no reason is required to define her beauty. I am not in love with your pretty face, I am in love with your beautiful soul. I am not in love with your speaking style, I am in love with your words. You need not to believe my words, just believe my eyes”, he replied. 

It was not the test of looks, it was the test of love, he ended. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, don’t think you are not beautiful, every face is pretty only a beautiful soul is needed to recognize it. 



71 thoughts on “Test 

  1. if every girl start going before such heroic boys…..who’d come to people like me…..i feel really bad about me and why i couldn’t be beautiful…. you see…….
    but i then realised….. i am far more worthy than those people, girls eventually realise that

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  2. I read your poetry, and wish that it could be true.

    However — speaking as a bad boy and part-time asshole — I notice women prefer this type of behavior over the more romantic variety. Why this is? Why not ask the women who commented so approvingly in the comments section. In real life, they choose me. Again, ask them.

    For a view into my world, check out MY website at:


    I would appreciate your comments and thoughts. feel free to criticize my dark side. I’m sure I could use the light you bring. — Sorserygod

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    1. Interesting, atleast you have shared honestly. But let me tell you something, its ‘some’ women who prefer not all, and may be you are right at your part. But mostly no one want to tie up with bad boys, haha. And I don’t have any personal experience regarding relationships so I guess, It’s very difficult to answer such, haha. A huge thank you for reading as well as sharing your interesting words here.
      If you don’t mind will you give the link of your website as I am not getting it.

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  3. “It was not the test of looks, it was the test of love,” beautiful words

    P. S. -Don’t think you are not beautiful, every face is pretty only a beautiful soul is needed to recognize it. I’m fall for this! Agreed so much! thank you for reading my blog again and now I follow you 🙂

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      1. Haha, yes it was… I mean I have experienced the emotion myself, and I don’t think it could be explained better ina. Conversation… 😊
        Yeah used it once, bad experience… haha nothing like that, my content was premature, so didn’t get much views around 67 and then busy with all these social accounts, I quit it…


  4. So true, Purva. My man appreciates me in all my colours! When I’m very glamorously dressed; when I’m not; when entirely naked of make-up and relaxed; when tired, inspired; in fact, he thinks I’m special however I am. This is true love; it goes far beyond the physical…. ❤

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