Her love for you

“I was well aware of this fact, that her love for you is more sincere than she has for me. Still I always appreciate your presence, no offense. Even  I had taken your help to make my presence permanent in her life. I love her; its not only the emotion, its a promise that I am gonna keep it rest of my life. I consider her a cherry, may be I am not her favorite flavor but you are. I always need you to complete the picture of our life. She used to say that there is nothing that you can’t solve. Still I am confuse, which flavor I should take with me today for my angry young lady”, he laughed talking to her favorite flavor of ice-cream. 



54 thoughts on “Her love for you

      1. Haha, But Yes I will snatch their ice creams and torture them to do something for me otherwise I will let the ice cream and let the scoop fall on the ground… haha
        I am so evil right now…. 😂😂

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  1. What’s her favorite flavor? This made me chuckle inside. She in fact, indeed, will love him that much more for getting her favorite ice cream. She is probably his favorite ice cream.

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    1. Chocolate chip. Yes, she definitely love him and she will always be his favorite flavor thats why he is okay knowing her more love for her ice-cream which made him to love her more, haha. Thanks for sharing your words!

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