Self Teaser

Life is just like an ice-cream, so we should enjoy it before it melts.  In this chaos of life or I say in friends, relationship, family, class, status, there is something missing, is’nt it? Its ‘me’. Just ask yourself, where is ‘I’?  in all your decisions, have you included yourself. 

We can’t make everyone happy, as we know everything has a price so it might not cost your own happiness. So, do whatever you want, fall, stand. Explore. Laugh. Dream. Nobody knows you better than yourselves. If you are happy then only the world seems. You want to do shopping, do it. You want to eat ice-cream, pizza whatever, have it. 

  • One’s ownself is well hidden from one’s ownself; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up. 

Just remember to include ‘you’ in your all decisions. 



47 thoughts on “Self Teaser

  1. sitting over here cackling about how the next one should be ouzo flavoured, the icecream.. not necessarily booze just anise-flavored ‘ll do :D.. because that’d be interesting with some blah blah blah- * baaklaveh.

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  2. I loved this fun loving and just being myself and do whatever I like not bothering about anyone and anything. What a fantastic post Sudershana and the pic portrayed was so awesome 👏. Feels so happy reading your post.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


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  4. Your post is very clear. Its message is made understood, yet in the comments one of the readers kept contradicting it, regardless of the praise given it. This one commenting kept trying to get you to “do what (blank) wanted you to do” and not what you might favor. Ironic. But I suppose we can see it as a contributing comment, an extension of your post by example.


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