Then one day… 

Everything was moving quite amazing, those carefree college days, enjoying those ‘being single’ moments, those hangouts with friends, everything. Nothing had ever seem impossible, then one day I met him, I met those deep mysterious eyes, I met that critique behavior, I met those argumentive discussion. With the flowing time everything changes like a beautiful tale. He like everything about me except the way I like him. Just like I want to explore the world but not without him. 

  • P. S. – A musing, hope you have enjoyed it. 



48 thoughts on “Then one day… 

  1. Quote: “Just like I want to explore the world but not without him.”
    And that is the exact place where a young person full of energy to change herself and the world around her, falls into the societal trap, falls “in love” and becomes another cog in the gears of the Matrix, getting married, having children, fitting in according to others’ expectations, according to a society that refuses to change and adapt to a changing environment.

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    1. Absolutely correct. Every word written is so true. Love is a trap that is connected with the strings of heart what if we keep that string in our own hand unless giving it to other before starting the game of privilege. Why to fit in other expectations, let them fit in yours, haha. Thanks a ton for sharing your words. Always glad to see you here. 💖

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