Yes,I am a girl

“Now or then, you will surely need a man that is fortunately, ‘I’ am in your life to support you in your so called dreams, after all you are a girl.  You are nothing alone or I would say, you cannot do anything alone. You love me or hate me, you have to wait for my decision, daydreamer”, he smirked. 

” I am not a creeper or climber, that needs a support to stand. Yes, I am a girl, I am smart and strong enough to stand and ofcourse without any support and I can do anything. I am a dreamer but a doer at the same time, I am a thinker but finds possibilities every time. And I will never give up, never and I meant it, you know why? Even that universe falls in love with that stubborn heart. Even when I sleep, my head is full of my dreams, my heart full of will and my hands keeps the power to shape the world more in a better way than a man can. I don’t allow anyone, not even you to dull the sparkle of my dreams, my ideas and my thoughts. I don’t want to be a girl who waits for anyone, I want to be a girl for whom everyone wait, “she ended. 

  • P. S. -Girls are no less than boys, isn’t it? A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words and ideas in the comment section. 

– Purva


58 thoughts on “Yes,I am a girl

  1. I’ll never forget the words of a fellow teacher who told me that instead of young girls coming to college TO MEET a young man who’ll be a millionaire, they need to enroll in college TO BE a millionaire.

    Great post! Stay strong! 🙂

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    1. Even you make me more than happy everytime. You are so kind and humble with a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words everytime here. And hope the same for future. More than happy to connect with you. Thank you so much! 🌹😘😍💕💖💋

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  2. With today’s world’s real statistics shedding happy tears on how ‘Women is conquering the world’, we need not to shot aloud, but a reminder like this every now and then isn’t bad too either. 😉

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  3. If a woman feels she is strong and better than a man then she is more capable but if she thinks men are more dominating and she is powerless you know what she is.
    The brain is more powerful than gender a piece of advice from My Theory.
    Read the new ultimate theory of human relativity at My Theory. Please visit and share your feedbacks.

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  4. This is awesomely written.
    And I hate the fact that there are still men who think that way….
    Oh! Women make things happen! I believe in women so much…in fact there’s no successful man without a successful woman there. We can’t live without you.

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