The shine of my dark

Time is known to be the best healer and a destroyer at the same time. I never had an idea that things will change this much between us, love change the lives of two,  so very true. It has changed the lives of two best friends; you and me. Friendship is much  simple than this complicated feeling of love. I wish, I could tell you how much I miss you. I wish, I could tell you how much I miss those outings, those silly jokes, everything. I wish I could tell you, I talk to the moon, I whisper to the stars, only about you the shine of my dark. 

  • P. S. – A musing, hope you have enjoyed. 


68 thoughts on “The shine of my dark

    1. And how amazing it feels always to have your beautiful presence as well as your words here. And very well stated, what better is than that. Thank you for your beautiful words! 🌹😘💋💕💖

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  1. life moves forward even if we dont want it to. sometimes at varying speeds. change is inevitable .we attach ourselves to others and sometimes those attachments are too strong to give up and then cause pain.

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    1. It truely really hurts. But the saddest part is even we cannot do anything about it, expectations usually hurts might from any person or from any relationship. Thanks a ton for sharing your words here. 😀

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    1. I will definitely go with your advice, if it was something I might be going through but hopefully it is a musing, haha. Thanks for sharing your wonderful advice and truly I will remember it forever.

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  2. If only love relationship could also be as simple as friendship. In fact I would say if you love a person, never make him/her a partner. :p 😀
    The contrast and uniqueness of your topic is the striking point of this post. 🙂

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  3. Time hold in itself alot of memories.. Bitter and sweet, Love and Hate, Joy and Sadness…. When we Begin to remember, “We would wish we have Time itself, so we can go back to good and happy Time”. But no, it just plays on… Live the BEST of YOU today for tomorrow is another day

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