Few days are left..

Only few days are left in the welcoming and adding of one more great chapter in the story of our life. I still can’t believe its December, don’t you think its only few days back we had welcome this year and now it’s time to say goodbye. Time played it very well after all its the greatest player of all, is’nt it? Its like we are ‘same’ but I guess things are not. 

A revolutionary year it was. And change is must in every revolution, haha. Its almost 2 yrs in the college still the school  seems the thing of yesterday. Opportunities were in every next step from working with the editorial team to the dance competition. So many things happened. Some strangers turned into good friends as easy as some good friends turned into strangers. Outings, fun, so so many memories are made to cherish. Life is just like a book, some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting. But if you never turn the page you never know what next chapter actually holds. So at the end of the year, remember the good and have the rest, knowing its just get better and better. 

  • P. S. – Hope you had a great year and will have wonderful time ahead. Your thoughts and experiences are welcome in the comment section. 


54 thoughts on “Few days are left..

  1. Well if this year won’t take your leave, how will the next year replace the dates in the calendar? 😇 And I love the line, friends became strangers while strangers became friends!

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  2. Even i can’t believe only few days of this year. A lot changed in this year and will continue in the remaining few days also.
    but i hope something goods happens to everyone before it ends. 🙂
    nice blog btw. 🙂

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  3. I am actually really glad that this year has come to an end.. This year was supposed to be a good year for me and my hubby but somewhere around May everything started going downhill and this seemed like the worst year we have ever had.. So here’s to wishing that the next year brings loads of good things for us..
    I hope you all had a year that you all wanted and may the next year bring more happiness and beautiful memories for all of you..

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    1. Sometimes there are sad chapters too. We cannot do anything about them but can “hope” that next chapter will hold so much happiness, adventure and put lots of smile on your as well as at your partner’s face. I wish you the new year will bring lots of good things and filled your life with happiness! Thanks for the warm wishes and sharing your great words here! 💓💓💋💋

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      1. Not at all. You and your words are always welcome here and you can share any and everything here after all its for you all only. Positivity comes with people and their surrounding and I truly meant it. Wish so much happiness and luck in life. And don’t think like that. 💓💓💓

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  4. Such a thoughtful post…I always love reading your comment section such lovely words and feelings…this year has been the best of my life to date…I look forward to making the next even better! With this new found wonderful world of blogging by my side I am very excited for it! XO! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Yeah! Comment section are best place to spent time, is’nt it? I personally love too. And they are motivation to write more also. And with the presence and words of people like you it become more wonderful. Thank “you” so much for reading as well as sharing your wonderful words here! 💓💓💋💋

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  5. I love the final part! Life indeed is like a book…
    My year has been wonderful…lots of ups and downs but the goodnews is I’m a lot better than I entered into 2016!!
    To God be the glory.
    Thanks for sharing Purva.

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