Her Day.. 

From her birthday cake to her special gift, from the venue to the invitation, from her dress to the tiara. They were taking care of each and everything. Everything was being done so perfectly, as it was just not only her special day it was their too. They try to illuminate her path with the brightest joy. Her friends took five weeks to plan her birthday. But those special three words from that special person (love of her life) took away all the thunder of their planing and attention of the day. 

  • P. S. – A musing, hope you have enjoyed. You are free to share your words, ideas and thoughts in thecomment section. 


92 thoughts on “Her Day.. 

      1. I mean, those special words aren’t always ‘I love you’ you can change the whole story by just changing these three words… ‘I hate you’ or maybe ‘I love someone’
        Haha, see I am a marriage breaker, haha

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      2. Cuteheart I hate you or I love someone are not special atleast for me, haha. And on the birthday why should make a girl sad she must be happy. But for sometimes you make me think why shouldn’t I have think that way. You have this amazing skill. Hey! Breaking relationship advice you can have from me too as I personally I hate relationship apart from writing any friction, haha 😂😂

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      3. That’s great!
        It’s not about making a girl sad, let it be the birthday of the boy and let the girl break his heart, gender doesn’t matter… (dard sabke dil me hota h, haye, shukriya shukriya)
        Ohhh, so you like to write about it but never experience in it real? You know why? Because in fiction you are the controller of what will happen next. 😊 I wish everything happened the same as I imagined it!
        But this is the things that makes us unique, different from other! Living in our world, living in our own thoughts. And that’s awesome… 😊😊

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      4. Hmm dard sabke dil mai hota hai par kyu na usey muskurakar apnaya jaya.
        That’s the point, more than making happy this feeling hurt and I don’t like it. I wish it too. But it’s impossible to control everything everytime isn’t it?

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      5. Let’s start it from tomorrow!
        My Gmail ID is mynameisharshj@gmail.com
        So what we will do is, you will start it (I’m bad at starting) and then we will leave it together… it will be fun because of unexpected twist because of two authors, and we will ask others to join in too…
        But the theme will be dark stuff and magic?
        Anything you’d like to add?

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      1. Haha… My exams started and I wasn’t feeling to read or write anything. That’s why I took a sudden off.
        BTW the new post is up on my blog. 😁😉


      1. Yes, hope you will do. 😉 Great to know you. Want to have something to laugh? Look here https://www.google.de/search?q=News+Delhi&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=k4hVWJrQH5jswQKn3ImQDA at the prices for a 3-Star-Hotel in New Delhi: **30.– Euro, and here for a 3-Star-Hotel in Eslarn (our editorials home with 2.700 citizens): 85.– Euro. 😉 The best is: We dont have any hotels of this class. Look here for further laughter, the official homepage: http://www.eslarn.de. Best wishes Michael


      1. Oooooh ??
        I would think it would have added to the thunder of celebration 🎉

        Would have made her even happier and having her bursting with joy…

        She was loved by everyone that was important to her.. especially her love of her life..
        that shouldn’t have steal her thunder


      1. I have to say that no matter any pain that has followed a great love affair its worth it for that beginning feeling of magic…wouldnt change any of my magical moments to avoid the pain not one! XO!!

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