The Magical Feeling

“Love is the most beautiful and the only pure feeling in this whole universe. It has power to turn those things into reality  that once seems impossible. Love is meant to be selfless. It is magical or I would say, it is a magic that only few magicians know” , the old man said to the young lad. 

“Neither any person nor any feeling has a power to redirect things, everything happened that meant to be. Life is a chaotic struggle and everyone is after their own needs and desires. Love is meant to be selfless, and if living for your ownself is spending a selfish life then I am not ashamed of saying that yes, I do spend. And nothing wrong in that too. In this real world magic stands nowhere, so as love also. And I don’t believe in any magic”, he gently replied to the old man. 

“Selfish, good because in this world even for your love you have to be selfish and there is no harm in that too. Magic stands everywhere even in your words and you will believe or I would say you must have to believe it, the day you will met that magician in your life”, old man smiled. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 



91 thoughts on “The Magical Feeling

      1. I do ask smart questions.😉 I understand now… You are in love with the idea of love.. Great.. And yeah I know your stories are fictional but still writing fictional stories on a topic you don’t believe in… Great. 👏🏼

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      2. Yeah! That’s the challenge for every writer to write about that he/she has never experienced. May be one day I will share about my own experience. As I do believe in miracles, haha. 😂😂😂

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    1. Haha, I am glad that it made you smile. Thank you for the admiration and appreciation. You are so right, and I agreed ✅💯
      Thanks also for taking time to share your wonderful words. Lots of love to you 💓💋💓💋💓💋


  1. Hi Purva…..
    I was in love once….its magical indeed.
    I am in love now….its still magical…
    I have seen the magic in many peoples lives….and its beautiful.
    This piece right here is wonderfully written and it reminds me that what I have is magic and should be protected.
    Thank you

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      1. *Fingers crossed*
        I’m guessing you found your magician. 😜

        And Completely agree on that.
        Perhaps, only time, err experience will tell. 😜


      2. That’s quite confusing. 😛
        Either it is may be, or may be not. Choose one, lady. 😛

        Yeah, it probably should.

        All the best to you too, unless ofcourse you already found the one. 😛


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