Make a wish

Many times we end up things saying like I wish this could have happened or I wish this would happen. I wish.. I wish.. 

The most fantastic magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish. But it purely matters on a believe which some have and some not. Whether we believe or not but once in a all, we have made any or the other wish;the wish of somebody’s presence, the wish of something to happen etc etc. Not only ‘we’ but dream of ours is a wish that our heart makes. How fascinating is this? Even our heart believes on the magic of universe, on the magic of believe. 

But our part is not over at making a wish, its just a start as you have to work upon it at the very next moment. We are never given the wish without the power of making it true. So let’s start. And if you don’t believe then remember;

If you want something you have never had, then you have got to do something you have never done”

So deary people! Here’s for all of you

Whisper a wish to butterfly and it will fly upto heaven and make it come true”

So at last, nothing is wrong in making any wish. Dream it. Do it. Wish it. 

  • P. S. – So what are you wishing? You are welcome to share your wishes, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


81 thoughts on “Make a wish

    1. That’s an amazing wish Di! I wish the same for you, keep smiling always, kabhi kabhi ro bhi lena, varna logo ko shak ho jayega ki aap insaan nahi ek alien ho, haha…
      M bhi ro leta hu, kabhi kabhi, feels more like a human than an alien.
      Stay blessed Di! Always… 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Aww my dearest brother you made me smile big!!!😊😊😊
        you too keep smiling always and make others smile too like you always do!! ❤❤❤😊
        Hahaha… Jab bhi mamma onions chop karne ko kehti hai, aankhon se bas aansu hi aate hai!! 😁😁
        Rona bhi zaruri hai, aankhen saaf ho jati hai!
        Have the happiest new year!! Wish you all the good luck!! May god bless you with all the love, happiness and success!! And 2016 is coming to an end, so I apologise, if I’ve hurt you ever. Be happy always!! Be your amazing self!! Love you brother!! Muah!!😘😊😊❤

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      2. You are one of those bloggers who have made this platfrom a place no less than heaven for me and I thank you for that Di!!
        I also apologise for the same reason. 🙂
        Love you too Di! Be the way you are, always! 🙂

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    1. What an amazing wish. I wish all the aspiring writers included me that their first or whatsoever the number of book is that will publish soon and they turn to authors as for you! Good luck and all the very best.
      Same to you 💓

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  1. I am a bit shy disclosing wishes for my own, but I have a lot of wishes for people around me!
    I wish for you that you have an amazing year ahead. Filled with happiness and friends, I wish that you make out the best from this coming year. I know it has a lot for you, but have a bit patience and work hard for what you desire, time will reveal the gifts it has to you only at the correct time.
    Just be happy and stay blessed Di! 🙂


  2. “Whispering to a butterfly”- what beautiful imagery. You’re a great writer. I’m a new follower and excited to read more! All the best for 2017.


  3. Love this inspirational post! Sometimes we think wishes should be left to children and fairy tales, but you are right…we all have the right to wish and believe it will come true. Hope all you wishes come true in this new year!


  4. I know wishes and dreams have power, because my wish for a compatible partner came true when the time was perfect. Now, my biggest wish is for my grown up children to find peace and happiness. Miracles can happen!


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