Chit-Chat ☕# Jan(New Year Resolution)

Hey wonderful people! Hope you all are doing very well. And yes, a very Happy New year to you all,hope you are off to a great start.

Its new year time so we surely have some new year resolutions, which we forget very soon,haha. But we make. So this year,my resolution is to complete the draft of my first manuscript and hopefully get it publish. And secondly to be on time which is next to impossible but I will try my level best, haha. 

So what is your new year resolution? And what are your plans of this year(2k17). Let’s talk about them all. You are cordially invited to share your ideas, thoughts and words in comment section. 


101 thoughts on “Chit-Chat ☕# Jan(New Year Resolution)

      1. I am happy with little storyteller.
        But since you called me sir, ahem ahem…
        Step 1: you will hate the story the moment you finish it 25℅
        Step 2: writer’s block is a demon, it will rip your soul apart and the feeling of guilt if not writing will eat you inside out!
        Step 3: you gonna love it even you have thousand reasons to hate it!
        Step 4: people will think that you’re crazy and you live in your own world and yes we do.
        Step 5: you just have to keep reading along with writing. The moment you stop reading, you start writing rubbish. I’ve experience that!
        So, that was our first class…

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      2. Even I liked it at the same time, atleast we can direct the things according to us. I am just wishing he will soon get her queen voh bhi takkar ki. He will direct his story according to him and she will direct him 😂

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      1. I’m fine
        Even I don’t want to break my resolution this time that’s why I have started from the thing I don’t like to leave that is making my everyday joyful.
        This year is for me.😃😃😃


  1. This is an amazing news Purva..Good luck for Ur book..U are a very good writer.. Believe in what u write, nothing will stop u !
    And coming to my resolutions,I broke them the next day itself..So back to normal now😂


    1. Thank so very much Jahnavi for your lovely wishes! You are so kind to address me with such great words!
      Haha, breaking resolution but after that also I wish you luck and success in your life as well as goals. Much love 💓💋💓💋

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    1. That’s truly very important for me.
      I wish that you will surely reach to your goals soon and share your wonderful experience with us like the way you always do. More than happy to know such beautiful destinations! 🌹

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  2. Wow dear what a beautiful post and the chai cups were so awesome. Sudershana what book are you writing if I am not inquisitive. Even I am thinking of making a book of poems which I have written on my blog and few stories, how would that sound, do let me know. Great post.


    1. Oh! Cups are adorable, haha. I am writing a fictional romance novel, hope it will complete soon but for now there is a long time to be finished.
      That’s the great idea and I am already the fan of your beautiful poetries. Go ahead with the big initiative. Thanks for the lovely words! 🌹

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