Two dices

“Life is full of surprises; some are good, some are best and some are even worse than the rest. We haven’t ever had an idea that you will dance upon our expectations like this. Do you have any idea what actually you have done? Inspite preparing for your entrance you have enrolled for the dance academy. We want our daughter to be a respective lawyer just like our elder one not any dancer. Just see your sister she has always make us proud and never led us down the way you have done. Go and learn at least something from her”,the mother yelled.

In the game of gamble, the two dices are always thrown together,yet they differ. So as in life it isn’t necessary that people who stay together ,live together have the same choices and ideas. Whether I will be a lawyer or a dancer that makes no difference both have their own uniqueness and shine just like those stars in the sky”,she replied. 

  • P.S.- Two people never be alike they have their own choices,their own ideas and so there is no matter of comparison. A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in comment section. 
    – Purva


90 thoughts on “Two dices

  1. hey purva!! be it a fiction or real. the message is conveyed beautifully.. yeah i know parents do prefer their kids to do conventional jobs .. because they believe that could earn a decent status or salary but what they fail to understand is every dream starts small.. every child has their unique talent and passion .. being in a profession which isnt their passion will not make you successful ..
    but yes,there are challenges , hurdles when you think beyond the conventional career and follow a different dreams and passion but believe me , you will eventually create your identity through your talent .
    never be a crowd follower

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  2. Hie Purva..
    Real? Or Fiction,I don’t know, but I just know how this feels. All my life I have been compared to people and my decisions have been made by others. For every single tiniest thing I have had to put up a fight like a dice trying not to land on a six and make myself fall from the 99 to 3 on a snake and ladder game.

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    1. Hey! It’s a fiction for me but the reality for many. I think nothing is same in this whole universe even those stars are not same they have their own different names but that doesn’t mean that one shine more or other less. They seems the same as beautiful as they are. So as us we are not tend to same we have our own uniqueness and shine that need not to be faded away with others ideas,isn’t it?

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  3. a sad reality we face even now, especially from indian parents. it sounded too personal to be fiction, yet i loved the message of this post.
    Nice to visit your blog.

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    1. The seed of comparison has grown so far that it takes so much time ⏰ to be cut off completely.
      It’s only the message that needed to be portrayed correctly and hope it has.
      Thanks so very much for visiting, reading and sharing your valuable words. Hope we will share exchange visits more often✌👍

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      1. I agree. I’m planning to write a post on similar lines soon once I have some clarity. I intend to visit your blog. Thanks for stopping by on mine.

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  4. Wow Sudershana loved the apt pic of the two dices and how superbly written how each and every one is different even though a mother and father teach same values to their children yet they differ. Even if it is fiction or factual this happens mostly in houses when children r compared. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

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      1. Yes of course it gave rise to fights between two siblings and of course that’s not good but all r coming with a different mould in their lives and that is the reason why they don’t have same ideas, likes and dislikes e en if they stay in one house. I was meaning the same thing dear.

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      1. True that. Can you redirect me? Be my air traffic controller? Guide my air-boat to safe harbour?
        I’m writing an assignment (MA – Creative Writing) about my parent’s divorce. At the moment I’m doing the section about my mother. Such tender feelings of love and compassion. Forgive me if I mingle my thoughts.

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  5. Good read!
    Indeed we were all uniquely made therefore comparing yourself to someone else will just limits you!!
    Let’s try to know ourselves more so we can become who we really are supposed to be.
    Thanks for sharing dear.

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  6. Nicely placed… We all are unique and can be best at what we do only if we include persistence (both dices are rolled together*One might be 6 and the other 1* that doesn’t mean at the next roll *the which was 1 cannot turn 6*)…. This post is a true interpretation of life….
    Nice Work Purva…


  7. You expressed yourself so beautifully!
    Indeed no two people can be same. Not even siblings.
    I read it somewhere and find it relatable as well
    ‘Remember you are unique, just like everyone else’


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