Chit-chat☕#February (Valentine, oh yes!)

Hello deary people! How are you all? Hope you are doing very well,so as I am. So, it’s feburary, everybody is flaunting with the wave of love. It’s the magic ✨ of this month,haha. 
So let’s talk something about valentine plans, about your partners, and most important what actually your ideas are about this.

Excited! Of course I am. What about you? 

You are welcome to share your ideas,plans and thoughts in the comment section. 

93 thoughts on “Chit-chat☕#February (Valentine, oh yes!)

      1. Great.. for me , it isnt about huge celebration.. for me its about being together, sharing emotions together, living wonderful moments together.. be it 14th or any other day .. marriage is all about shared dreams and each day you hold hands and move closer toward your dreams together..

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  1. I have NO idea what I am getting for my partner and his birthday is just a little over a week after Valentines Day,lol…He did actually offer for us not to do anything this Valentines Day, but I am too determined to get him something. So I said no and now I’m regretting it, he’s so hard to buy for,lol

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  2. Not excited at all. Why should we pamper and do all the stuff only on valentines? And why is it associated only with our love partner. Why not the other people we love?

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    1. Haha, we can celebrate it all 365 days but it’s not us who have made this still its might be the wonderful day for many and yes,I agree it’s not restricted to love partner we can celebrate it with who so ever as I will. I think we singles sound same✌👍
      Let the feel flaunted by loved ones✌😃

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      1. there is a shortage of female pandas near my place, so my bad luck! haha
        I don’t know if this valentine’s going to be special for me, or if I am going to make it special for someone else?


      2. Do you really think Di, that things work this way? Then I think my everyday should be automatically special! haha
        Just kiddin, I have many friends who are girl but not a gf, you know what I mean, haha

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      1. Alone?
        On a Valentines?
        I mean I don’t mind being alone but seriously on 14th Feb, I’d rather be home alone than go out alone, cause then I am sure to return crying at my own foolishness. I am not that bold yet to go hangout by myself that day. I just am not. 😀

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      2. Haha, who said alone. You can share the company of some friends, siblings or any one else you want as this day is not only restricted to love partners it symbolise love bond that can be share with anyone, isn’t it?

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  3. Maybe a trail of rose petal leading around the house and wending their way to the bed-chamber where a nice chilled wine and soft music will be keeping me company. As she comes into the room she sees me with a red rose between my teeth and her heart melts. The years fall away as we embrace. The sparks in her eyes, just as they were when we first met. Our lips meet, gently at first, and then as she …
    Or do you think I should just get her a card and a bunch of flowers like last year?


  4. Hello, Sudarshana, I don’t want to be a grouch, but it seems that Valentine’s day is awfully hard on single folks. There’s so much pressure to be ‘with’ someone, and a sense of failure if you aren’t. Still, romance IS lovely! Hope you have a good one, dear. Have a great weekend too. Love xx

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    1. Haha,its fun day for we singles as we dont have to worry about the plans,surprise and gift for the partner, We are just here to enjoy the moment let them worry and we enjoy the moment in hurry,lol
      yeah! romance is lovely. I will enjoy the day with my friends. you too have a great one.
      have a great weekend too!


  5. Your blog is one of the better blogs I’ve came across in months. Thank you for your posts and all the best with your work and blog. Looking forward to reading new entries!


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