Your fictions-my truth      #snippet 

“I always choose to write fictions over reality may be because it takes me to the another world, the world of my own imagination where I love to stroll  every time. I know, as a writer I usually weave beautiful lies . Yes,it is the lie through which I tell the truth to the world. Yes, I created a lie,  of that vibrant love that has almost changes everyone’s life. But  because you believed it, you surely found something true about yourselves, isn’t it? “, she asked.

Yes, I have really found. The fiction of love and promises that I have mistakenly believed, your beautifully woven lie takes away the only truth of my life. Rather than finding I have already lose myself, I sighed. “,he replied.

  • P.S. – A fiction,  hope you have enjoyed.  You are welcome to share your ideas,thoughts and words in the comment section.


32 thoughts on “Your fictions-my truth      #snippet 

  1. This touched me,
    whenever I write fiction or otherwise, lies have been my companion, and this post kind of reminded me of “my deceptive face” that I wrote some days before. You have given us your version of this and it sure is wonderful.

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  2. Your explanation of your thoughts concerning your writing is excellent. In the writing of fiction you touch on many truths of many people’s Souls. You are very good at what you do.

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  3. ….”it takes me to another world…” yes. thats it exactly! for when I paint, for when I read, for when I once upon a time used to downhill ski……
    it is, entering another world. a very lovely spot to be in! cheers, Debi

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