chit-chat ☕ #April (Dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill?)

Hello amazing people! How are you all? Me, I am doing pretty well, hope the same for you. So, its now been a while that we have actually talked. So I was having a thought or I would say a question that I can’t resist myself from sharing dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill or seeing a dream and we are done at our parts? What else it requires?  Dreams are they actually exist? And so many more. Having questions means your brain is thinking about that so I was.

So, this is it. Hope we all can share what we actually think and have a healthy and beautiful conversation about it. And you are also free to share whatever you desire.

So waiting for your thoughts, ideas and words.


23 thoughts on “chit-chat ☕ #April (Dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill?)

  1. I have one idea about it, actually it is my personal experience. I think human mind enjoys dreaming a lot. It just loves it and overall it soothes our heart and enriches our soul with pleasure.
    A dream is where everything happens as we want, and in case if things are going the other way, our mind starts modifying our dream and eventually ends it the way we want.
    Also I think the strength to fulfill our dream comes from it only, a dream must not only make us happy but also restless and strengthen it to achieve it.

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      1. I have reduced dreaming substantially in last few years and today wheb I thought about it, I realized that from the day I started taking my life seriously, I started dreaming less.
        I use to dream, even when I was riding my bicycle in school days. Wish I could do the same now.
        Adulthood had shattered my reverie.


  2. What an amazing idea. Love your chit chat sessions!

    As to the question….I think yes, we do have the strength to fulfill our dreams. But, then, if there are constraints, I think we have the strength to also let go of those dreams and find the real happiness right in front of us, within our lives, even if we didn’t pursue our dreams.

    I wrote about this once after a friend shared how miserable and down she was on herself because she never went after her dreams. I think we all have similar experiences…there is something we didn’t do because of one thing or another. Life does get in the way sometimes….

    Thanks for this beautiful prompt today!


  3. Hi..being a new blogger..I came across your blog which looked interesting. Do pass by my blog too and let me know what u think about it. 🙂 :)..Being new to all this will appreciate point of views from veterans like you..:)

    And as far as dreams are concerned I believe living your dream is inversely proportional to the ease of seeing them.
    Its easy to have dreams..but realizing them needs continuous, patient hard work..!!
    But there is not a more beautiful feeling then living what u once just dreamt about..!!


  4. I have a dream that is being fulfilled, Purva…. It is watching you blossoming into a wonderful young lady with talents and abilities that make my little heart sing! Well done to you, sweet and beautiful girl… 🙂


  5. I dream a lot with open eyes.sometimes when I slept I experience dreams which exactly happened in my real life.But after I dreamt,when I wake up that morning..I almost forget that dream..I again remember that dream when I face the dream in my real life


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