May be in another life…

“They have spent their whole life in fulfilling our wishes but its hurting to fulfill their one. I loved you and will always but for this I can’t leave the ones who have told me what actually this selfless feeling is. I don’t want to be the best daughter but always wanted to be the good one. At some point, we tend to realize that some people can stay in our heart but not in our life. Somewhere the end was always known to us but we dare to write the start, the beginning. But for them, for you; I am going to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect and live it’s all a dream and will pretend like its not hurting. Though it hurts and every time more harder and harder. But it was the most beautiful feeling I ever encountered, the most beautiful musing I ever had,  the best ride I rode and the best person I loved and will  always,” she said in teary voice.

“We dare to start as I had a strength  to write the climax but only with you. I am leaving you not because I don’t love you but because you had never asked me to stay. Promise me, may be in another life,in another year, in another night, in another hour we will meet again without fear, without tear but only with love, promise me. I will wait for you ever and forever,” he replied stepping back.

Meet me where the sky touches the sea, Wait for me where the world begins. I  promise, I will meet you,I will love you ever and forever”, she yelled.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and words in the comment section. 


85 thoughts on “May be in another life…

    1. Haha, all in the name of love. Sometimes some writings make you to feel the scene and it take us to the next emotional level, I find it even while writing it. Thanks a million for appreciation as well as admiration 😀

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  1. A beautiful piece, Purva; so touching and so true for so many.
    You have a wonderful ability to bring meaning to hearts perhaps tender and raw.
    Deeply profound and poetically beautiful… ❤

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    1. Aww thank you so much for your lovely words. So, I have captured the most beautiful thing isn’t it?
      BTW I am going to read all your posts that I have dare to miss ,haha. Soon and the love you shared right back to you < 3❤❤❤

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      1. oh sweetheart don’t you worry about catching up with my posts the love is shared between us no matter what and I know that for sure😙

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  2. Powerful and emotional writing – very well done! I can relate to parts of this and especially the line of: ” At some point, we tend to realize that some people can stay in our heart but not in our life.” It’s not easy writing fiction piece based on dialogue alone but you have succeeded in bringing their heartache, their characters across brilliantly.😀

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      1. Yes definitely and it works so nicely when we all appreciate each others works and we too can write so much better out of our being and like to inspire people too. Yes for sure will visit your post immediately. A great happy day to you Sudershana. Hugs and Love to you dear.


  3. Aaww Purva, this is a beautiful peace, you certainly have penned this wonderfully.

    The pain is visible from their words and it’s sad that they have to part.


  4. As one of your older readers, your story rings loudly. My favorite part: ” Wait for me where the world begins.” PERFECT!


  5. You weave emotions in your writing so beautifully that it just keeps the reader wanting more and more…
    So you believe in soulmates, that’s great. Even I wrote a post about it, I hope you’ll like it. 😊

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