Together forever, never apart

There is some profound beauty in every magical moment that we have waited to meet each other. I know it wasn’t easy but wasn’t impossible either. You know what; for me the joy of meeting again is much more than the pain of parting, may be this has made our relationship more beautiful.  I used to keep myself busy sometimes in assignments and the other time in those books but always end up surrounded by your thoughts, your idea of being in my life. Distance means nothing when you are my everything. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. I used to look up and think of you and wish that someday I could see their light reflecting in your eyes and that day the brightness of our love will only be the reason of their shine, see how bright they are shining today?,” he said while looking those stars in that dark sky.

” Exactly the way you are smiling and even more brighter. We might be parted by distance but always connected by hearts. See how fortunate we are, other needs an hour or twoa to meet each other but it only takes a sec for us to meet in our every thought. Whenever you feel lost just place your hand on your heart and listen to the wind carefully you will always able to hear me and with every beat you will able to feel my love and that time you find me by your side,” she smiled.

They yelled together:

‘Together forever, never apart sometimes in distance but never in heart’.

  • P.S.- A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words,thoughts and ideas in the comment section. 


77 thoughts on “Together forever, never apart

  1. Enjoy? I loved this, so many great lines you’ve put together. Quite magical!! I love ” the joy of meeting again is much more than the pain of parting”, exquisite!!

    Liked by 1 person

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