A Touch of Rainbow- GoodNovel B*B Romance Writing Contest

🌟🌈 A Touch Of Rainbow – GoodNovel BxB Romance Writing Contest📚

They say love conquers all, and it’s the time for showing off our Pride.

This year, we invite you to write a BoyxBoy romance story. Not sure what to write? We’ve come up with some wonderful ideas: you could either write the most gentle, sweet and charming couple in the college or a plot focusing on the bitter-sweet the main character playing around before they officially come out of the closet.

Contest Prize:

🏅First Prize: $2500*1

🥈Second Prize: $2000*2

🥉Third Prize: $1500*3

🧡Best Fluffy Romance: $1000*1

💛Best Angsty Romance: $1000*1

💚Most Epic Coming-out: $1000*1

💙Best Gay-for-you: $1000*1

Entry Rules:

English books only

Poems, fanfic and non-fic are not accepted

💜Contest Entry: https://www.goodnovel.com/rainbow

Grab your story and join the latest writing contest now, it’s your time to shine~

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