chit-chat ☕ #April (Dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill?)

Hello amazing people! How are you all? Me, I am doing pretty well, hope the same for you. So, its now been a while that we have actually talked. So I was having a thought or I would say a question that I can’t resist myself from sharing dreams, do we actually have a strength to fulfill or seeing a dream and we are done at our parts? What else it requires?  Dreams are they actually exist? And so many more. Having questions means your brain is thinking about that so I was.

So, this is it. Hope we all can share what we actually think and have a healthy and beautiful conversation about it. And you are also free to share whatever you desire.

So waiting for your thoughts, ideas and words.


The Battle Scars

“You can go back, I don’t want to talk neither with you nor with anyone else. Basically I don’t need any consoling speech atleast here. But I get to know something, why concerated acid sold cheaper than 8ml eyeliner”,  she said with teary voice. 

” I know.. I know you don’t want to talk. And I am not here to deliever any speech as I know what doesn’t break you, makes you more stronger. I still don’t know why is it sold cheaper, but I know its cheap for only some devils and it cost much much more to others. Take off your scalf right now,  you don’t need to hide your face from anyone, let that devil hide his face. These are just not only the scars, but are the battle scars. Life is just like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again. Never let your words, your ambitious, your strength to fall short. Never let your eyes on the world, be enough capable that the whole world have their eyes on you. Now turn back and talk to me”, he completed. 

“Agreed. But I don’t have strength to face that awkward look. And it might scare you”, she replied. 

” My eyes still have that admiration for you. No, you can never scare me in anyway. This incident might have taken that beauty of your face but it will never take away the beauty of our love”, he smiled. 

  • P. S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section.