In less than 30 words

” There are so many things that I might have asked you as my birthday present but neither any accessories nor any clothes or gadgets I find to ask you for. I always wanted a priceless gift but sadly all these things have a price and can be bought by anyone, so what’s special in that. So,after thinking endlessly finally I have found something that no one can present me accept you and that is your priceless words. I want that you can write about me in less than 30 words”,she smiled.

“But how can I write about you in less than 30 words”,he asked.

Why not..?

As you have given me those memories, that promise of love, that gift of our togetherness that will probably last forever”,he grinned.

  • P.S.-  So, can you write something about your loved ones in less than 30 words? A fiction, hope you have enjoyed and you are welcome to share your words,ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


Her Day.. 

From her birthday cake to her special gift, from the venue to the invitation, from her dress to the tiara. They were taking care of each and everything. Everything was being done so perfectly, as it was just not only her special day it was their too. They try to illuminate her path with the brightest joy. Her friends took five weeks to plan her birthday. But those special three words from that special person (love of her life) took away all the thunder of their planing and attention of the day. 

  • P. S. – A musing, hope you have enjoyed. You are free to share your words, ideas and thoughts in thecomment section.