A Precious Jewel:Life

After the result of engineering entrance, no one has seen Vivan yet, I know it was his dream and after his non-clearance, god knows where he has gone?  And his words, “I would not or I say,  I don’t want to live if I would not get admission” his words echoing in her mind started disturbing her. 

All of a sudden she started running and praying,  pls god! Don’t let him to do something wrong. She reached and finds the same which was terrifying her, Vivan stop she screamed. That sudden voice made those pills slip off his hand and he was shocked finding her aside. 

” I was not aware, you are the weakest person, I know”, She said. 

“Then you are highly mistaken, it takes a huge courage to finish off your own life”, he whispers. 

” I know, I know one more thing that it takes a million times more courage to live up your life with welcoming all its challenges and rewards. Even the most beautiful flower  rose has thorns, though it  hurt many people, but neither anyone have stop loving it nor it has stopped scattering its fragrance. So as life is, though it trouble you many times but that doesn’t mean that you stop loving it. Do you know, why we keep our jewels in boxes, lockers etc, as they are very precious, we can’t afford losing them so as our each breathe is or I can say million times more precious. You may get an another jewel but you will not get an another life. You are finishing off only for an admission, your dream. Just remember dreams made you live each and every second of your life, they don’t take your life, “she ended making him clueless. 

  • P. S. -Life is so precious, pls don’t finish it off for whatever the reason and circumstances you are going through. It may not easy, just think about the people who all are surrounded by you and share a bond of love with you. 

Regards~ Purva 💕💎