The lesson of forgiveness

“Mom, why do you always expect me to forgive people even after they have done extremely wrong? “, the daughter said.

” Darling, its not for them its for you only. I am not saying to excuse them for what they have done, but to excuse yourself from the chapter you don’t want to be the part of anymore. Our life is not that story whose plot is decided by someone else deeds its ours only, we have to conclude every part of it. If you forgive anyone, that doesn’t mean you have to erase the memory. You simply choose to forgive to free yourself from that bitterness. Memory stays, not to be forgotten but to be remember as a valuable lesson of life. Free yourself even from those who are not sorry about their actions. Holding on anger only hurts you not them, “mother ended. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are free to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 


Will you be?

“I never had an idea that someday, someone will meant a world to me. I never had an idea that someone will become the first and the last thing on my mind each and everyday. In between all those things that once were used to be my first priority I have choose you, choose you over and over without any pause, without any doubt, only you. I find you as that poetry that I don’t know how to write and my life as a story that I always wanted to tell. Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in your deep, thoughtful eyes. I don’t know what to say more but I want to ask you something, what is the most precious thing one can ever have? “, he asked. 

” Without wasting a moment ,of course a family”, she replied. 

“Will you be a part of mine?”, he grinned.