#Being a bestseller 

    • Being a bestseller isn’t about any fame, glory or about money; its about the message, those words that the world needs to hear.



    Your fictions-my truth      #snippet 

    “I always choose to write fictions over reality may be because it takes me to the another world, the world of my own imagination where I love to stroll  every time. I know, as a writer I usually weave beautiful lies . Yes,it is the lie through which I tell the truth to the world. Yes, I created a lie,  of that vibrant love that has almost changes everyone’s life. But  because you believed it, you surely found something true about yourselves, isn’t it? “, she asked.

    Yes, I have really found. The fiction of love and promises that I have mistakenly believed, your beautifully woven lie takes away the only truth of my life. Rather than finding I have already lose myself, I sighed. “,he replied.

    • P.S. – A fiction,  hope you have enjoyed.  You are welcome to share your ideas,thoughts and words in the comment section.


    Two dices

    “Life is full of surprises; some are good, some are best and some are even worse than the rest. We haven’t ever had an idea that you will dance upon our expectations like this. Do you have any idea what actually you have done? Inspite preparing for your entrance you have enrolled for the dance academy. We want our daughter to be a respective lawyer just like our elder one not any dancer. Just see your sister she has always make us proud and never led us down the way you have done. Go and learn at least something from her”,the mother yelled.

    In the game of gamble, the two dices are always thrown together,yet they differ. So as in life it isn’t necessary that people who stay together ,live together have the same choices and ideas. Whether I will be a lawyer or a dancer that makes no difference both have their own uniqueness and shine just like those stars in the sky”,she replied. 

    • P.S.- Two people never be alike they have their own choices,their own ideas and so there is no matter of comparison. A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in comment section. 
      – Purva

    The magic of those 3 words

    “From early teens to the ripe agers,everyone is busy falling in love. And the matter of astonishment is that they started feeling the same for the next person exactly the way they do for the previous one. I mean, how? The special bonds have turned into pass time. It’s nothing more but it has started fading away the beauty of love, it has started snatching away the magic of those 3 words and it has started taking away that belief, that idea of love from ones life the way it has taken from mine. I mean,  how do I believe the one even his feelings are genuine, I cannot”,she said to her best friend. 
    “Indeed,you are right in every aspect. But nobody can ever take away the charm of this eternal feeling. Nothing can ever become real till it is experienced so as with you. Mark my words, when you meet the one who changes the way your heart beat,dance with him to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts”, she grinned.

    • P.S. – what do you think, is the magic  of these 3 words have been fading away these days? A fiction,hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section.


    Its, People or the feelings?

    Life is too ironic to fully understand, it takes something to appreciate other. Just like the way, it actually takes someone absence to appreciate their presence. Many times we have heard,its your presence that added meaning to my life  or its the most beautiful feeling we two share with each other. But one of the best feeling in the world is that when your presence and absence equally matters to someone. And the only thing that makes me wonder,’what makes life more beautiful; people or the feelings“,she said.

    Actually both. Its only the characters that make the story beautiful and its only the feelings that makes that story happen so as in life is“,he smiled.

    • P.S- what matters to you,people or feelings? You are welcome to share your words in comments section. A fiction,hope you have enjoyed.


    The Journey from dreams to reality: Scottish Author Shehanne Moore (Interview)

    Hello wonderful people! Hope you all are doing very well. And about me? I am more than happy, I mean who will not after getting a chance to interview a Scottish author; Shehanne Moore. She writes gritty, witty basically historical romance. That details the best and worst of human behaviour, as opposed to pouts and flounces.                 Author Shehanne Moore

    So let’s have a look on some of her wonderful work just like her.  

    The Unraveling of Lady Fury, her first book written to US publishers, Etopia Press in 2012 and originally published in 2013. 
    And two more of her works are here. 

    His Judas Bride, Etopia Press 2013

    Loving Lady Lazuli, Etopia press 2014

    So first of all, a huge thank you for your precious time that you have given to answer these questions. I welcome you here( The Daily Stroll). And I am sure we get to learn so many amazing facts about you and your work. And also some advices for the aspiring writers who are ready to catch their dreams. 

    Firstly, May I say a huge thank you to you Purva for being so very kind as to ask me to your beautiful blog? I love your posts. They draw so beautifully on life and when you write fiction it’s both rich and amazing. I keep having to remind myself how young you are. I am very honoured to be here. 

    Well! Thank you so very much for your beautiful and kind words. It’s my  absolute pleasure to have  such a great author at my site. Thank “you” a lot. 

    So let’s start

    1. What is your blog about? 

    My blog is of course, run by hamsters. It is supposed to be a sort of whatever takes my fancy mixture, writing films, Scotland places, I love to visit- except I think I mainly visit Glencoe- my books, other people’s book, author interviews. However I often think it is just about the latest war between the hamsters and dudes. They always getting their furry paws in fankle about something. 

    2. When and how did you start your blog? 

    I started it back in August 2012. I’d just signed the contract on my first book and as part of that I was asked to set up social media presence amd blog. How was then probably with lot of tears and swearing. I’d never done something like that before. 

    3. How and when did you start your writing career? 

    I think I have always written in some shape or form. Way back I wrote a play. I also wrote for girl’s comic over here Google the Bunty. I’ve done a lot of articles and have a share in a non fiction book- again in another life. But I always wanted to write novels. After I don’t know how to make knock backs, small presses going burst etc. I considered writing romance which is a genre I never actually read. But I thought it might be the way in. I had to go away and learn how to write it. It’s not as easy as all that and I just have to do it my way which probably makes it harder. Anyway after another few years of knock backs, I managed to sell my first book to Etopia Press in 2012. No one was more surprised than me. 

    4. How many books you have written till now and which is your favorite among them? 

    I have four out and two due to come out. I’m on first round edits with one right now and few works in progress. I don’t have a favorite. Some are slightly darker than other ones that are really just romps. I think when you breathe life into characters and you create their back stories, their hopes, their fears and their dreams. Its difficult to have a favorite. They’d argue in my head with me all  night if I did that. They do that plenty as it is. 

    5. Tell us something about your two books that are going to publish soon? 

    They are each part of two very different series. The London Jewel Thieves and The Time Mutant Series. 

    What is Time Mutant? Well! It’s something who is doomed to travel back and forward through time until they can get one particular thing right. I never planned to write a series based on time travel. In fact The Viking and the Courtesan was to be set in 1819 and about a woman who wrecks marriages for a living, being asked to wreck her own. But I’d been kicking around the idea of this Viking story and as I headed into chapter 3 of my 1819 story, the little voice in my head said, “why don’t you just knock the two stories into one? ” I said to the little voice, “And why don’t you…. bleepedy bleep? But it wouldn’t. 

    So now The Writer and The Rake which is hopefully coming out in March, is a sort of prequel to the Courtesan, landing back in 1785 and the clash of these worlds. My other book which I hope Etopia Press will give in the story of the Starkadder Sisterhood’s-they are the jewel thieves but they have all been scattered to the four winds since starkaddar has been murdered-skiwy. 

    6. What advice you would like to give to the aspiring writers? 
    Never ever give up. These are your dreams you are giving up on. Be strong. This is a brutal, cut-throat business. You need steel teeth to survive it. Remember what one publisher may turn down, another may think is brilliant, so never despair. It only take one yes. Be flexible. We can all hold onto the traditional notion of getting agent and a deal but publishing changes by the day. You need to change with it. Try and write everyday, even if it’s not the greatest. If someone in the trade takes the time to offer you advice, then take it. That’s the gold dust. And choose your publisher with care. 

    7. Which genre of book you would like to read and who is your favorite author and book in that genre? 

    I mainly love the oldies. I have huge soft spots for the pot boilers, the James M Cain’s and Horace McCoy’s of this world. Scott F Fitzgerald’s prose is exquisite. But I read all the genres. I enjoy horror, crime, love historical fiction. Again I’m mainly a classical girl there. Right now, I’m reading one of my favorite author’s in that genre Kate Furnivall. I’ve loved all her books and it’s been my privilege to have had her visit my blog. 

    8. Is there any life experience that you would like to share with us that has left any traces on your present life? 

    I like to thanks for each day. I am so lucky to have so much in terms of my family. I have had two very near brushes with not being here, so yes. I think these have taught me to value and cherish every moment, even the not so good moments. 

    9. If you have ever given any chance to meet any of your friend in blogging world, then whom do you choose and why? 

    Oh my goodness! Does it have to be one? I would love to meet so many. You know what, one of the things I love best about writing is the people, I have met online. I would love to meet you for a start. But there are so many other also whose kindness and support has been invaluable to me. Christy Birmingham, Mike Steeden, Kevin Cooper, Girl and world, Genie, Ralph, Debby Gies, the list goes on and one. I’d love to have a big party and invite everyone. 

    10. What do you think about my blog, any advice you want to give to enchance it more? 

    I love your blog and I feel it is just perfect just as it is I’m so glad to have come across it and I would not miss one of your posts for the world. I also think this business of you opening up your blog like this is a wonderful thing to do and sure to enhance what hardly needs enhancing.

     Thank you again for asking me here today. I’ve loved it. 

    Aww you are so kind and humble to grant me with such a great opportunity to have you and your words here. Thanks a million for your beautiful presence. We have surely learn so many great things from you today especially that advice for the aspiring writers. Loved all your answers and suggestions. 

    Wish you all the very best for your two books that are going to publish soon and for many more. May devine bless you with more success, luck and health. Much love to you. 

    Thanks once again. 


    The Battle Scars

    “You can go back, I don’t want to talk neither with you nor with anyone else. Basically I don’t need any consoling speech atleast here. But I get to know something, why concerated acid sold cheaper than 8ml eyeliner”,  she said with teary voice. 

    ” I know.. I know you don’t want to talk. And I am not here to deliever any speech as I know what doesn’t break you, makes you more stronger. I still don’t know why is it sold cheaper, but I know its cheap for only some devils and it cost much much more to others. Take off your scalf right now,  you don’t need to hide your face from anyone, let that devil hide his face. These are just not only the scars, but are the battle scars. Life is just like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again. Never let your words, your ambitious, your strength to fall short. Never let your eyes on the world, be enough capable that the whole world have their eyes on you. Now turn back and talk to me”, he completed. 

    “Agreed. But I don’t have strength to face that awkward look. And it might scare you”, she replied. 

    ” My eyes still have that admiration for you. No, you can never scare me in anyway. This incident might have taken that beauty of your face but it will never take away the beauty of our love”, he smiled. 

    • P. S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section.