Unsaid Words…

“Undoubtedly, these two years of Business School have filled my life with the most vibrant colors. I always wanted to be here to chase my dreams but I don’t know when this carreer oriented dreamer started dreaming of you. It’s the farewell probably the last day that I got to see you, from tomorrow I will be miles away from you, in another nation. Today I might have achieved the dream job of my life but sadly its my life that’s not with me; that’s you. May be because I have never asked my life to hold my hands in the crowd, to listen my words when I shout, to embrace me when I make proud, may be because… so many words I always wanted to say but never found those ways. I adore every second, every minute and every hour that I spent in being even with your idea. In the way to find a partner in you, I don’t want to lose that friend too so I have never said. I always loved your smile but wanted to be that reason, I always loved your eyes but wanted them to capture me in every season,  simply I always loved you that too without any reason”, he wrote while leaving for the airport and handed over her.

 I wish you might be here while I read this, but you are not. I wish I might have said but that mutual feeling to lose never let the two of us to say. I couldn’t have explained you how it feels to look up across and see you standing at my side. It’s like I want you to look at me every time but I turn my head whenever you do. I promise I will keep this piece of my heart that makes me smile whenever I think about you. “, she wrote on the other side of the same paper. 

  • P.S. – A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. You are welcome to share your words, ideas and thoughts in the comment section. 

Its not because there was no love,its because there were no words that never let their story happen. 



Make a wish

Many times we end up things saying like I wish this could have happened or I wish this would happen. I wish.. I wish.. 

The most fantastic magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish. But it purely matters on a believe which some have and some not. Whether we believe or not but once in a all, we have made any or the other wish;the wish of somebody’s presence, the wish of something to happen etc etc. Not only ‘we’ but dream of ours is a wish that our heart makes. How fascinating is this? Even our heart believes on the magic of universe, on the magic of believe. 

But our part is not over at making a wish, its just a start as you have to work upon it at the very next moment. We are never given the wish without the power of making it true. So let’s start. And if you don’t believe then remember;

If you want something you have never had, then you have got to do something you have never done”

So deary people! Here’s for all of you

Whisper a wish to butterfly and it will fly upto heaven and make it come true”

So at last, nothing is wrong in making any wish. Dream it. Do it. Wish it. 

  • P. S. – So what are you wishing? You are welcome to share your wishes, ideas and thoughts in the comment section.