Little About Myself 

Who I Am?

A university going girl, pursuing English Literature with an another stunning companion of corporate law.

In this 18 yrs of life, already travel the fiction world of 975 books. A bibliophile, and an admirer of Robert Frost in first place. Stopping by woods & The Gift Outright aren’t they precious of his collection?

After witnessing and reading some great life changing stories, how about the idea of landing in this world strikes the mind? Actually a good one.

Already stepped towards the dreams, writer of RUTHLESS ROMANCE, a book at Wattpad with more than 13k+ reads.

An aspiring writer in the community of already best authors.

This is what inspired me a lot-

“Write something that may change your life. I’ve never seen a writer go wrong following it. If a story is that important to you, it may be that important to a lot of people in the audience. And when you’re done writing the story, no matter what else happens, you’ve changed your life.

The Anatomy of story

(John Truby)

On the way to change my life, of course in a better & best way.

👉Why this blog ?

There was no specific motive behind this, but yes a hobby of writing and sharing thoughts made me. The things we may think, but never get a chance to talk or share.

For me it’s a place where our stories, fictions and thoughts have finally got a voice.

The priceless family of more than 2k+ members I got here, is a real possession and treasure.

Love each one of you even more ❤️

-Purva Narang

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