Few days are left..

Only few days are left in the welcoming and adding of one more great chapter in the story of our life. I still can’t believe its December, don’t you think its only few days back we had welcome this year and now it’s time to say goodbye. Time played it very well after all its the greatest player of all, is’nt it? Its like we are ‘same’ but I guess things are not. 

A revolutionary year it was. And change is must in every revolution, haha. Its almost 2 yrs in the college still the school  seems the thing of yesterday. Opportunities were in every next step from working with the editorial team to the dance competition. So many things happened. Some strangers turned into good friends as easy as some good friends turned into strangers. Outings, fun, so so many memories are made to cherish. Life is just like a book, some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting. But if you never turn the page you never know what next chapter actually holds. So at the end of the year, remember the good and have the rest, knowing its just get better and better. 

  • P. S. – Hope you had a great year and will have wonderful time ahead. Your thoughts and experiences are welcome in the comment section.