Cherry Start of an another Chapter

Where to start? How to start? Eventually these were the questions I had in my mind when I was thinking to be back at my place, to my people. 

So long yes, it is. Sometimes we fail to handle everything together. Studies, blogging, exams and much more. Since life is the best and a great teacher itself. Sooner or later it taught us in its own way either it is sweeter or sour; its upon it. 

The greatest thing I have learnt is; in between treasuring the things we don’t have, we tend to lose the precious jewels we are holding with us. 

Let’s leave that for once. So we have entered in a new aura of our life probably the one which is untouched by all the miseries, mischiefs ofcourse more with love and efforts.

Hope we all share the same or I would say a more closer and beautiful bond from now. Because I am not going to leave you all for a single day. 

Happy New Year 2k18

Purva Narang 

(Your writer)

Be Happy

Life is nothing more than finding joy in every step. I know everytime this may not be possible but atleast we can try, TRY TRY UNTIL WE SUCCEED. Just like to balance the dish we have to put salt and sugar according to our taste, the same is relevant for the dish of life, to balance it there are happy as well as sad moments. At last, its not the years that count in life, its the life that count in years. The greatest part of our misery or unhappiness is not determined by our circumstances but by our disposition. 

Be happy always,  so that even in the hard time the saddest moment get complex and leave you soon with the happiest time behind. 

Keep smiling

Regards~ Purva 💕

Those words

“In the journey of life, we come across many people. How beautifully the devine has scripted their entrance and exit in our lives. Many will come but few will stay forever. We may value the presence of many but few will value our presence. We may love many but few will love us back. Presence of many may complete our beautiful world but only the world of few is completed by us. Don’t let them go, hold them forever. Its easy to be in love but its harder to be loved. When you love someone don’t wait for the perfect moment just make the moment perfect for them, this is what my first book is all about”, he beautifully ended. 

Those words in his ‘First Book launch’ not only touch the hearts of the readers but also their souls. 

  • P. S. -A fiction, hope you have enjoyed. 


They do not need…. 

From those midnight calls to the text messages, from those small get togethers to the night outs, from those punishments to the admiration, from those surprised birthday plans to the spoiled hangouts. They have experienced each glimpse of their life together. Even those dark secrets are the part of their joke. They fight together, they cried together, they love each other but they are not lovers, yes they are not. They are best friends. Still the glory of their friendship rules the beauty of love of their hearts. They do not need to be lovers to share such special bond. Yes, they do not need… 

  • P. S. -Its not important that every girl and boy seen together are lovers, sometimes they are friends only. 


I Choose Me

“To go with my dreams was never my choice but was always my priority. It was not a decision between you and my dreams,it was a decision between’ME’ and ‘US’.You,your choices were always counted in ‘Ours’ but unfortunately my choices were always ‘Mine’ only,when it started fading away the presence and choices of an individual its a relationship changing into compromise, sadly its not worthy”, she said. 

” Whatever you choose, whatever you do, that doesn’t mean you are independent “, he smircked. 

” The day I choose to live for me,for my dreams was enough to show the way to my independence “, she ended. 

  • P. S. -A fiction,hope you have enjoyed. 


Finally, I did it ! 

Though there is nothing impossible  in this world the only thing required is the strong desire, your passion to achieve it. It takes me a huge time to understand, but finally, I did it!  I finally reach on time for the first lecture, it takes almost a year to learn this simple thing, yeah! Very simple, but I find it too hard, as we all  have some or the other weakness that l too have, the morning alarm but I tried my level best to get victory over it, haha. And today when I entered the class,it was like a strange silence in those gusty winds. Sir, broke the silence by saying, well done!  At last, I have succeed to teach you the lesson of time and believe me this was the only thing that I wanted you to improve and applause you have done it”.  Believe me then I realize this was something really simple that if I might have tried earlier I must have learnt.

It may be a very simple thing,  but besides this l have also learnt that if you want to achieve something you must have strong desire regarding your goal and anything or everything without the believe that you can and you  will, seems difficult.

So just set a goal and start working on it . And you will be succeed.

Good luck